YI Outdoor Security Camera Review

If you are going to ensure your home or business premise is safe and free from any form of burglaries, then a security camera is a must-have gadget. Home outdoor surveillance can prove to be a wonderful investment. This is especially true if you want to have peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safer.

Thanks to the advent of technology, today’s outdoor security cameras are full of highly advanced features.

Motion detection, two-way audio, enhanced cloud storage, and 1080p resolution are just a few of the latest outdoor security cameras’ high-end features.

Today, there are a plethora of security cameras to choose from! This implies that the prospect of finding the best security device can be a daunting task.

You can easily get overwhelmed by the huge number of cameras available on the market and the technical jargon associated with them. If you set your foot into any big retail store, you’ll find numerous brands and models, all seemingly selling the same device. If you aren’t tech-savvy, you can easily get duped into purchasing a camera that isn’t suited to your needs.

YI is arguably one of the most reputable names in the outdoor security industry, manufacturing top-notch cameras! So what makes the YI 1080p outdoor surveillance camera a fantastic device?

YI Outdoor Security Camera Review

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  • Amazing night vision: The YI outdoor camera is equipped with 12 infrared LED beads for enhanced night vision. With a nighttime viewing distance of fifty feet, the YI guarantees excellent low-light performance at all times.
  • Enhanced motion detection: Using susceptible algorithms, the YI outdoor security camera supports customized location alarm, custom period alerts, motion detection alarm as well as alert sensitivity to alert users only when you would wish to be alerted. Simply put, its highly optimized intelligent motion detection algorithms perfectly limit the rate of unnecessary warnings.
  • Two-way audio: Not every outdoor camera boasts the ability to record audio, and very few support two-way audio functionality. Two-way audio enables you to communicate to whoever is within your camera’s view if you didn’t know. You also have the ability to sound a siren alert to warm off wrongdoers.
  • Cloud storage: Other security cameras only provide local storage. The YI offers cloud storage to secure all your recorded footage on a cloud storage platform.
  • Weather-resistant: This surveillance outdoor camera is waterproof, implying that you can use it for indoor and outdoor security needs.
  • Full high definition video quality. The YI outdoor surveillance device delivers high contrast images thanks to its 1080p resolution combined with its 110-degrees wide-angle lens and universal ball mount that guarantees clarity in every direction.
  • Integration with the Home app: The YI is a modern security camera that comes with its app to easily integrate with your phone or computer for remote viewing and monitoring. The YI security camera does a great job of syncing everything together, sending you real-time notifications without any issue.


The YI outdoor security camera boasts a beautiful cylindrical shape, giving it a minimalist and fantastic design.

It typically combines robustness with elegance, and its white color ensures it will blend well with your existing home décor.

Waterproof and Temperature Rating

The YI outdoor camera is not only a performance-oriented outdoor security camera but a highly dependable and durable home security device that will guard your home all day and night, rain or shine.

This camera has an IP65 level weatherproof rating, ensuring that it will always perform in any adverse condition. It has an operating temperature of between 5 F and 122 F.

Camera Rating and Quality

When it comes to the actual task of capturing videos and images, the YI does its job perfectly. This camera captures crystal clear images and videos in its 1080p resolution day or night, rain or shine.

The YI also boasts a 110-degrees wide-angle lens with a focal length of 3.9mm. This allows the YI to deliver an incredible viewing range. What’s more, the included universal ball mount allows you to effortlessly adjust the camera for multiple viewing angles.

The YI is equally equipped with the latest night vision technology. To be more precise, the YI is equipped with a 12 850nm infrared night vision. It supports automatic color switch filters in the meager light.

Night vision at more than 20fps delivers smooth and hitch-free performance, with no ghost artifacts. It has a night visual range of up to 15m, which is excellent too!

Even after more than one thousand reviews on Amazon, the YI boasts a rating of 3.6.


The YI security camera delivers superb audio quality. This is thanks to its 360-degrees noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone that eliminates excess noise generated by its immediate environment.

It produces high-quality audio and also allows users to communicate with their welcomed guests. Also, it enables users to deter intruders with its deterrent alarm effectively.

Mobile App

This camera is a smart home device and will seamlessly integrate with your mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. You can easily access the live feed on-demand for uninterrupted viewing anywhere, anytime.

You can also customize alerts in various categories.


This camera is covered by a one-year limited warranty, implying that if it is damaged within this specified period, the manufacturer will cover all the repair or replacement costs.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor security camera is a robust, durable device that will serve you for an extended period.


Despite being a fairly affordable home security device, the YI surveillance camera performs much better than its price tag suggests.

Not only does the camera boasts a quality construction, amazing design, and supports smart home integration, but it is also designed with tech-oriented features in mind.

The Yi offers supreme motion detection and supports two-audio functionality. In addition, it has a large wide angle of field of view and supports cloud storage.

Simply put, the YI is a fantastic surveillance device worth every single penny spent on it. It truly deserves your attention!

The YI outdoor surveillance camera is its typical product, boasting amazing features that guarantee optimal satisfaction to homeowners. Beautifully crafted and designed with cutting-edge technology in mind, the YI 1080p outdoor surveillance camera is not just an outdoor camera! It’s your trusted personal guard.

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