EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera Review

EZVIZ is a trusted name in the outdoor surveillance industry, producing top-notch and result-oriented cameras to solve the needs of various customers. Typically, EZVIZ offers superb build quality, superior hardware, and high-end home surveillance security cameras at surprisingly highly affordable prices.

Though its cloud storage isn’t free, it is somehow affordable as well. What’s more, unlike other complex camera devices that require professional installation, EZVIZ outdoor security devices are easier to install. Anyone with average DIY skills can easily install them.

EZVIZ Camera Review

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The EZVIZ 1080P outdoor security camera is the company’s typical product, boasting numerous features for enhanced surveillance performance. Some of the features that it brings on board include:

  • Ease of usability: EZVIZ always strives to produce security systems that are not only easy to use but easy to install as well. This device, in particular, is a DIY-friendly EZVIZ security camera that will only take you a couple of minutes to install. You’ll only need to scan the QR code to integrate the camera with your mobile app.
  • 24/7 surveillance: The EZVIZ 1080P will not only watch over your property or home during the day but will equally offer full protection during the night as well. Full HD crystal clear vision, infrared night vision together with the 100-degree angle of vision ensures you’ve got everything covered both day and night. What’s more, the integration of an anti-reflection panel, excellent infrared lights, and an ICR infrared filter guarantee unmatched night vision up to 100ft.
  • Free one-month cloud storage: If you are quite familiar with security camera companies, you can agree that very few do offer free cloud storage. The EZVIZ gives you a free trial of one month of free storage backed by bank-level encryption and IEC/IOS 27001 certified information security. What’s more, you have got the option to use the local SD Micro card for storage needs.
  • Smart Home enabled: The EZVIZ outdoor surveillance device is compatible with Alexa. Users can effortlessly and seamlessly control it via the Echo Show.
  • Enhanced durability: This camera is IP66 rated, and this implies that it is expertly designed for extended outdoor security. It is a highly durable, reliable, and dependable device that will protect your family and property in all types of weather.
  • Superb motion detection: Once your EZVIZ camera detects any form of motion, it will automatically start recording footage and subsequently send a notification to your mobile phone and any enabled device.

The Design

Like any other EZVIZ security device, this camera boasts a colorful and amazing cylindrical design and measures 3.3-inches by 2.8-inches. It is connected to a three hundred and sixty-degree mounting swivel base, which brings its total length to approximately 5.9-inches.

It features a casing that boasts a weatherproof rating of IP66 that can withstand the wrath of extreme weather. Behind the camera’s panel, there are a micro SD card slot and a reset button.

What’s more, the camera comes with a drilling template, mounting hardware, and a quick start guide.

Water-Proof and temperature rating

No one would want to buy an outdoor security camera that is prone to damage from weather elements. The EZVIZ is an IP66 rated outdoor security device resistant to extreme weather conditions, including rain, increased temperatures, and snow.

Operating temperature range: -22 to 140-degree Fahrenheit. -30 to 60 degrees Celcius.

This gives you the much-needed peace of mind knowing you have an incredible device that is not prone to any form of physical damage when subjected to extreme weather.

Camera Rating and quality

After more than one hundred customer reviews on Amazon, the EZVIZ boasts an overall rating of 3.9. Not bad for an outdoor security device of its stature!

Despite having the reputation of being among the most affordable Wi-Fi security devices out there, performance-wise, this camera is equally unmatched. This is thanks to the qualities it brings on board.

The camera offers:

  • 1920 by 1080p resolution
  • Two lenses with different fields of view
  • Infrared night vision
  • CMOS image sensor

The EZVIS is a 1080p security cam that produces extremely sharp night and day images and videos. It utilizes a motion sensor to record all suspicious activities within your yard. It can either store the captured footage locally or in the cloud, depending on your preference.

When it detects any suspicious activity, it immediately activates a loud siren of up to 100dB. This, coupled with a strobe light, will keep intruders at bay, effectively nipping all potential dangers in the bud. With motion detection at its disposal, the CTQ3W immediately alerts you via your mobile device.

The strobe light and siren can be switched off if not needed.

The EZVIZ CTQT3W equally offers superb night vision, thanks to the integration of the anti-reflection panel. Infrared lighting and infrared ICR filters ensure excellent images and videos even in the pitch dark. The camera boasts a 118-degree field of view and an exciting 8 x digital zoom.

Audio rating and quality

Unlike most surveillance cameras in this price tier, the EZVIZ camera device enables users to communicate via the phone app.

With an audio rating of 4.4, it only means that you’ll always have a presence, even when you are not at home!

Mobile Apps

The EZVIZ supports multiple viewing options, implying that you can connect it to your computer or mobile device for 24/7 viewing. With the EZVIZ App, homeowners can effortlessly protect, capture, save, and share anything available to them.

It is also imperative to note that the EZVIZ is a SMART device, and seamlessly partners with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT as well as Google Assistant.

Warranty details

The EZVIZ surveillance outdoor camera comes equipped with a twelve-month limited warranty. A limited warranty offers protection to just specific parts, certain types of effects, and conditions for those who don’t know. Regardless, a one-year warranty offered by the EZVIZ clearly shows the durability that this camera guarantees.


In general, the EZVIZ is a high-end mid-tier security camera that offers incredible performance. It comes equipped with a lot of awe-inspiring features. Features include superb day and night vision and unrivaled picture and video quality.

It also offers free one-month cloud storage. Users are also free to subscribe to the monthly cloud storage packages, depending on their needs. The image clarity, especially during the night, is awe-inspiring.

The EZVIZ is an affordable outdoor security camera that offers 24/7 protection to your home!

It is a worthwhile addition to your outdoor security tools.

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