Yi v EZVIZ Security Cameras Compared

Picking the right security camera can be a challenge, right?

With so many wireless security cameras to choose from, how do you know which one fits your needs better than another?

In this post, we are going to compare the YI v EZVIZ security cameras. These are two relatively affordable security cameras that offer excellent features. We will talk about each detail of each one and help you decide which one comes out on top!

YI vs. EZVIZ Outdoor Security Cameras Comparison Quicksheet

 Yi Security CamEZVIZ Camera
PriceView On AmazonView On Amazon
Waterproof RatingIP65IP66
Night VisionYesYes
Digital ZoomYesNo
2-Way AudioYesYes

Cloud Storage


These are two awesome security camera options available right now. Let’s take a look at each feature in more detail.


There is a relatively small difference between the prices. The Yi is slightly cheaper than the EZVIZ at the moment. However, you need to consider the features before deciding if the difference is too much.

Waterproof Rating

Both cameras have a high enough IP rating to withstand the elements. The Yi has an IP65 rating, and the EZVIZ is slightly higher at IP66.

Operating Conditions

Yi: -4 to 122 Fahrenheit, -20 to 50 Celsius

EZVIZ: -22 to 140 Fahrenheit, -30 to 60 Celsius

It is fair to say that both cameras are waterproof, but the EZVIZ edges it is you need a cold-weather security camera.

Camera Quality 

Both cameras have a resolution of 1080p. The Yi security camera has a 110-degree viewing angle, compared with the 118-degree viewing angle of the EZVIZ.

That is full HD clarity from both cameras, which is awesome if you need to use the footage as evidence, right?

Night Vision

The Yi camera has a perfect night vision system that allows it to have night vision at a distance of approximately 50 feet. But the EZVIZ camera has an incredible integration of infrared light with an anti-reflective system and an ICR filter. This makes the night vision can reach up to 100 feet.

With the automatic light system for detection, an image will never be ignored because it was night.

Digital Zoom

In digital zoom systems, we can find that the Yi camera has a 4x zoom while the EZVIZ camera doesn’t have a digital zoom system but instead, it has an option for personalizing the tracking zone.

Having said that, the clarity is good enough for you to digitally zome is using an application on a computer or laptop.


The Yi camera comes with the accessories needed to install the camera on the wall, including a range of up to 10 feet for the power cables.

ZVIZ camera brings a 360-degree magnetic base among its accessories that allows it to be installed on the wall or ceiling.

There are no other accessories available for these products.


One of the best things about the EZVIZ camera is its ability to integrate with Alexa. Ask Alexa to show you the camera on an Echo Show, and you can view the footage!

With a little more effort, you can get this camera to work with other home automation systems using IFTTT.

2-Way Audio

This Yi camera is integrated with an audio system that has two ways that allow you to communicate in various ways, both to receive guests and to sound the alarm to deter intruders. It is packed with a 360-degree noise-canceling microphone that does an excellent job filtering out the environmental noise.

The EZVIZ camera has a 2-way audio system with impeccable hi-fi quality, an advanced algorithm that filters ambient noise. The voice is heard with better quality.

This camera also has an integrated microphone with an improved bidirectional speaker. And its alarm is of great power and can reach up to 100 dB. This makes it perfect for deterring potential intruders.

Cloud Storage

Yi cloud is one of the best options for anti-theft. The subscription includes, among its advantages being able to connect 5 devices. This will give you the security that your images and recordings detected by the cameras will be safe in theft and/or damage to the cameras.

The cloud storage offered by EZVIZ is designed with encryption similar to that used by finance systems (along with IOS/IEC 27001 certified information security)! EZVIZ is serious about the level of security provided by this system.

In fact at the time of purchase you receive a free month of cloud storage with either product!

You can also store footage on microSD cards.


After analyzing each detail of both cameras, you have all the information needed to decide which one is better according to your needs.

Personally, I would stretch the extra money and go for the EZVIZ camera. It is an awesome all-arounder with astounding night vision, excellent HD footage, and 2 extra security options…a siren alarm and strobe light!

Good luck with your choice.

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