6 Best Security Cameras With 2-Way Audio

Security cameras are not simply just for security. They can also be used for home automation and communicating with visitors to your home. To communicate effectively with a visitor, you will need a security camera with 2-way audio! In this post, we take a look at the best options.

The good news is that many security cameras have 2-way audio as a standard feature. Some even have a speaker loud enough to play a siren if you need to warn a visitor away!

Pretty cool, right?

Here we take a look at the best security camera 2-way audio options.

Best 6 Wireless Security Cameras With 2-Way Audio

1. Blink XT2 Wireless Security Camera

Blink XT2 Outdoor and Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2-year battery life

Bink has pulled out all the stops to create a compact, yet versatile security camera!

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The Blink XT2 is an awesome, wire-free security camera. It is both an outdoor camera AND and an indoor camera.

What is the big draw with the Blink XT2? No monthly fees for cloud storage. Just to confirm that…You get free cloud storage.

One of the Blink XT2 security cameras’ most popular features is its 2-year battery life. 2 years on the same battery! Remarkable stuff.

Additionally, and unlike many other battery powered security cameras, this camera takes AA batteries, which are cheap and easy to replace.

This camera records in 1080p with a 110-degree viewing angle, which ensures a wider view when compared with other security cameras. The camera also has night-vision capabilities (using infrared) and is waterproof, rated to IP65.

Also, you have the ability to customize certain areas on your property that you want motion sensor detection.

2-way Audio Capabilities

The Blink XT2 has awesome 2-way audio capabilities. You can use the app to communicate with any visitor to your home. The 1 directional microphone (which sits just next to the lens) will provide you with a clear voice from the visitor to your home.

Reasons to buy

  • 2-year battery life
  • No monthly fees
  • No wires
  • Works with Alexa

2. Ring Stick Up Security Camera

All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera with two-way talk, Works with Alexa

Ring is a big game player in home security! This wire free stick-up cam is perfect for those who do not like drilling holes! It is an awesome home security camera.

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The Ring Stick Up security camera is one of the more expensive options on this page but is it worth it?

We think it is!

It’s unique compared to others due to its versatile positions you can put it in. You can stand it up in a tabletop position or mount it onto the wall or ceiling. You can literally put it anywhere with ease!

This Ring device allows you to enable motion active notifications alerting you what you need to be aware of.

Ring records in 1080p HD with a 115 degrees field of view and night vision.

It also has a rechargeable battery that allows it to work over Wifi. One thing that you should note is that this device requires a monthly subscription for cloud storage. If you want reliable cloud storage, you should pay for it.

2-way Audio Capabilities

This Ring Stick Up Camera uses the same App as the Ring Video Doorbell. Using this App, you can communicate with visitors using the 2-way talk functionality.

There was an issue with the speed of the response with earlier versions of the Ring products, but the speed is much better now!

The 2-way talk functionality with this security camera is easy to use, and extremely useful.

Reasons to buy


  • Monthly subscription for cloud storage
  • There are cheaper options

3. Yi Security Camera – Perfect 2-Way Audio

YI Outdoor Security Camera, 1080p Cloud Cam IP Waterproof Night Vision Surveillance System with 24/7 Emergency Response, Motion Detection, Activity Alert, Deterrent Alarm, Phone App, Work with Alexa

Thanks to the 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone, this YI is one of the best wireless security cameras with 2-way audio!

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Our next recommended security camera with 2-way audio is the YI outdoor security camera. A security camera that looks amazing and boasts so many awesome features!

In terms of price, it is not expensive, but not the cheapest. It is fair to say that the YI camera is a mid-priced option.

The camera is of excellent quality (records in 1080p), and the wide-angle view (110-degree) makes it much easier to see more. It’s 12 infrared LEDs allow you to see up to 50ft during the night.

2-way Audio Capabilities

Some cameras struggle with 2-way audio when there is an excess of environmental noise… But not this YI security camera because it has a 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone.

This is a clever addition from YI! By cutting out extra noise (handy when it is windy!), visitors to your home will be able to communicate with you much easier. Use the App for the 2-way audio capabilities.

Reasons to buy

  • 360-degree noise cancellation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Optional 24/7 emergency response service

4. ieGeek Wireless Security Camera

Security Camera Outdoor,ieGeek Surveillance Camera WiFi IP CCTV Camera with 2-Way Audio,Stronger WiFi,30m IR Night Vision,Smart Motion Detection,Remote View-iOS,Android,PC

ieGeek cameras are always high quality! Simply use the app to communicate with visitors via the 2-way audio.

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The ieGeek security camera with 2-way audio is an excellent budget-friendly security camera packed full of awesome features!

For a start, the ieGeek has one of the stronger Wifi connections than the others, thanks to its upgraded 5dbi antenna!

This upgrade allows for a further transmission distance and a more stable signal.

This waterproof security camera (waterproof rating is IP66) also has a 1080p recording with a 110-degree angle view.

Its 36 infrared LEDs allow you to see up to 98ft at night, making it one of the longest night-vision cameras.

Additionally, smart motion detection allows you to border specific areas you would like to get motion alerts for.

Motion detection can be a struggle to set up and configure, but we found the ieGeek to be one of the easiest, and most reliable.

Although its low price and upgrade antenna can be a huge attraction, the ieGeek only allows for the storage to be held on an SD card and has no cloud options to store your video. If you do not mind a bit of configuring, you can get the footage stored on a cloud using 3rd party software like iSpy.

2-way Audio Capabilities

If you are looking for a security camera with 2-way audio capabilities, then this ieGeek option is one that you need to consider.

The voice clarity is better than we expected, and it was straightforward to use. Speak to your visitors through the App.

Reasons to buy

  • Budget-friendly
  • Great Wifi connectivity
  • Awesome night-vision


  • No cloud storage options out of the box

5. (NO LONGER RECOMMENDED) Netvue Security Camera With 2-Way Audio

Outdoor Camera Wireless - 1080P Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection & Instant Alert, Zooms Function, IP66 Waterproof, with 2-Way Audio, Cloud Storage/SD Card Work with Alexa

This Netvue camera is highly rated by us!

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Next up is the Netvue security camera that is another cheap and feature-full option.

They offer free amazon web services cloud storage making this one of the cheapest cameras altogether.

This waterproof camera shoots in 1080p with a 100-degree angle view. Its night vision range can reach up to 60ft. Also, this device has the ability to be plugged in or use Wifi.

The Netvue is compatible with Alexa, too, giving you the option of automating tasks or simply viewing the camera from an Alexa show.

Custom motion detection zones make this device one you can’t overlook with such a small price tag.

Overall, this is an inexpensive camera that allows you to get the most bang for your buck.

2-way Audio Capabilities

We rate the Netvue security camera very highly simply because it packs so much in for so little price. But what about the 2-way audio capabilities? How do you speak to your visitors?

It is simple, and you do it all from the app! If you have a visitor, you will first receive an alert. Once you receive an alert, you have the ability to chat with them over the 2-way audio channel!

Reasons to buy

  • Budget-friendly
  • Optional storage options (cloud or SD Card)
  • Alexa compatible
  • Wifi or cable
  • Free AWS cloud storage

6. Ezviz Security Camera With 2-way Audio

EZVIZ Outdoor 1080p Security Camera Surveillance Strobe Light & Siren IP66 Weatherproof 100ft Night Vision 2.4G Wi-Fi/Wired Two-Way Audio Works with Alexa Google Home IFTTT iOS Android App 4mm Lens

The Ezviz security camera is a powerful, feature-packed camera with a budget-friendly prince!

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Last but not least on our list of security cameras with 2-way audio is the Ezviz that is the same price as the Netvue.

This device has some unique features for its low starting price. Its motion detection starts recording immediately while sending you a notification alert. Simultaneously, you can activate an alarm sound along with a bright strobe light that will help scare intruders away (if you chose to activate them).

The device is also waterproof (IP66) and has night vision that allows you to see up to 100ft.

In addition, this camera is compatible with Alexa and Google home.

How do you store videos and images with the Netvue security camera? Simple, you have 2 options. First, you can add an SD Card to record the content onto. Secondly, you can sign up for cloud storage options through EZVIZ.

2-way Audio Capabilities

Use the 2-way audio on this security camera via the app, simple. Whilst we are talking about sounds from the camera, it is worth noting that this security camera has a siren and strobe light to warn off intruders!

Both can be switched off if needed.

There is no doubt that this EZVIZ security camera is an awesome piece of technology at such a low price!

Reasons to buy

  • Budget-friendly
  • Smart home compatible (Alexa & Google Home)
  • Strobe light alarm


  • Cloud storage requires a subscription


If you are looking for security cameras with 2-way audio, then the 6 options on this page have you covered from all angles!

Home security is at the very top of my list of most important things to have in my home! I have 3 security cameras covering the perimeter of my home, and each one has the ability to communicate with visitors through the app on my smartphone. I would not have it any other way.

Not only can I warn off intruders (something I have not had to do yet) but I can also communicate with delivery drivers when I am not at home (something I have used too many times!)

Good luck with choosing your security cameras.

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