Blink Indoor Security Camera Vs. Wyze Camera

Indoor security cameras are becoming very popular nowadays for all sorts of reasons. There are two such cameras on the market which have been attracting a lot of attention recently.

They are the Blink Indoor Security Camera and the Wyze Camera. Both of them serve exactly the same purpose.

They’re wireless and allow you to monitor them from your smartphone. But which one would you choose, if you had to choose between the two?

It’s quite a dilemma for sure. So let’s explore which security camera comes out on top. It’s Blink Indoor Security Camera vs. Wyze Camera.

Blink Indoor Security Camera vs. Wyze Camera.

  Blink Wyze
blink camera comparison
wyze security camera comparison
Price View On Amazon View On Amazon
Waterproof Rating NA – Indoor Only NA – Indoor Only
Camera Excellent as expected Excellent for the price
Night Vision Good Excellent
Digital Zoom Around 4 x 8 x
Battery Life Up to 2 years NA
Accessories Excellent Excellent
Integration Alexa/IFTTT Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT
2-Way Audio No Yes
Cloud Storage Yes Yes


Blink: Blink is the more expensive of the two cameras being compared here. However, for a person on an average income, this price is a good price for a product that needs to last for several years, so do not let that put you off!

Wyze: Wyze wants to bring home security to everyone, and at this price, they are well on their way! However, will this product be able to match the Blink security camera for performance? Because unless it does, you can’t really say that it’s a bargain in comparison with the Blink.

Waterproof Rating

Blink: No, it is not waterproof. It is an indoor camera. If you want to use this outdoors, buy the outdoor version. Having said that, if you want to use it outdoors, you can go ahead and try and see how it works. But make sure it is under a porch to keep it waterproof and make sure it’s so out-of-reach so that intruders need a ladder to remove it.

Wyze: Again, this is an indoor camera. However, it is a very high-quality product, and users have discovered that once covered by a porch, it can work out of doors. But keep it dry. Whilst several users have suggested this works when wet, I would not risk it.

Camera Quality Rating

Blink: The Blink device is not 1080; it is 720. Is the difference important? I guess that is up to you. If the camera is to cover a large area, I will go for a 1080p camera. If I only need the camera to cover a small area, then 720p is fine.

Wyze: Astonishingly, this camera, of a much lower price, actually draws a more expensive camera for picture quality. The Wyze has a 1080p camera. In such a small, inexpensive shell…how do they do it?

Night Vision Rating

Blink: The Blink Indoor Security Camera chalks up an impressive rating on its night vision feature, which is pretty good. Night vision is essential for an indoor security camera, as we’re sure anyone will agree.

Wyze: Astonishingly, the Wyze Indoor security camera chalks up an even more impressive rating on the night vision feature. For an inexpensive gadget, it’s giving the more expensive yet still economical Blink Indoor security camera a real run for its money.

Digital Zoom Rating

Blink: NA

Wyze: The Wyze has an 8x digital zoom, which is pretty impressive and more than satisfactory for users.

Battery Life

Blink: Blink Indoor Home Security comes with a most impressive battery life of two years which is pretty astounding. That is 2 years without needing to change the batteries! If only I had time to test this!

Wyze: The truth is, battery life is not an issue with the Wyze Indoor Security Camera. It simply plugs into the wall socket. But it’s flexible in that you can move it anywhere, and you know that it won’t break down and leave you stranded. And that’s an added advantage. However, it could predispose you to be at the mercy of power cuts, should they occur.


Blink: Once you have your Blink indoor security system up and running, you can add more Blink indoor security cameras to it according to need. This is very handy and useful. Blink also works with Amazon Alexa. You can add voice control to your system by teaming it up with an Alexa screen device.

Wyze: For flexibility of installation, you can purchase camera holders and wall mounts for your Wyze Indoor security camera.


Blink: As mentioned, Blink can integrate seamlessly with the Amazon Alexa product, adding voice control into the system. That’s not really surprising as both are Amazon, after all.

Wyze: Interestingly enough, this lower-priced product also integrates with Alexa. It’s not related to Alexa as a product the way Blink is, so this is a superb feature for such an economically-priced product. Wyze can also hook up with Google Home and IFTTT.

2-Way Audio

Blink: The Blink Indoor Security Camera does not possess the 2-way audio feature. It has, however, one-way audio, which works very well.

Wyze: The Wyze Camera reportedly boasts of 2-way Audio, which actually puts it out ahead of the Blink. Which is amazing for its price.

Cloud Storage

Blink: Blink Indoor Security Camera offers free cloud storage of data with no charges.

Wyze: According to reports, the best cloud storage is offered by Wyze security camera. Although Blink is pretty good, Wyze appears to come out on top, amazing given the accessible price.


Having examined the two cameras about as thoroughly as possible to do so, there is a certain conclusion.

You get what you pay for.

As Blink is about four times the cost of Wyze, it’s not surprising that we should expect it to come out ahead in most respects concerning quality. Yet, surprisingly, Wyze often comes out ahead, although no one can say it’s not good. Blink, after all, costs 4 x as much as the Wyze. On the other hand, when you consider that a Wyze camera costs one-fourth of what a Blink does, you have to admit that it’s a pretty astounding bargain.

In conclusion, it’s really just all about what you prefer, for whatever reason you do. If you’d prefer a Wyze camera for the lower price and good enough performance rather than a Blink, which is quite a superlative product, it’s your own choice entirely.

So when it comes to Blink Indoor Security Camera vs. Wyze Camera, it’s the purchaser’s own choice.


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