Wireless Doorbell Kit – What You Should Expect To Receive

When you have made your choice on which wireless doorbell to buy, you need to know that the wireless doorbell kit will contain exactly what you need to set it up and switch it on!

Obviously, you are likely to have checked what the box contains when you have ordered it or picked it up at a local store. But what are the necessities?

In this article, you will find out what you should expect in your wireless doorbell kit.

Wireless Doorbell Receiver

Being one of the two most important parts of a wireless doorbell kit, you would expect to find at least 1 receiver!

The receiver is usually plugged into a power socket somewhere in your home.

Make sure you have thought about where you are going to put your receiver. 

There are several important factors to consider, such as:

  • Keeping it out of reach from children
  • Keeping it out of reach from pets
  • Making sure you can hear the chime

As I mentioned in the 7 Things To Remember When Buying A Wireless Doorbell article, I have a young son. He took great pleasure (And some pride) in switching the receiver off at random intervals throughout the day. Well, at least he did until I moved it!

I didn’t mention in the article above that the power socket I originally chose for the wireless doorbell receiver was just at the entrance to the kitchen.

Ok, it doesn’t sound bad, but it is level with my knees and sticks outright as you turn into the kitchen, and you can see a problem. If I hadn’t moved it, I am sure I would either have a broken wireless doorbell or a constantly sore knee!

Many kits on the market will give you the option to buy a wireless doorbell kit with a battery-operated receiver. Using one of these will make sure you are not hogging a power socket, and you can put the receiver up high, away from wandering hands.


The wireless doorbell kit must contain at least one transmitter.

These are the push buttons that visitors will use, so if you want to cover more than one entrance to your property, you may want to look at a wireless doorbell kit that suits your circumstances.

There are a large number of kits that come with extra transmitters and have the ability to increase the number of transmitters you can bolt onto your wireless doorbell setup.

Well worth thinking about if you are planning an extension or access from another area of your property.

Wall Or Door Fixings

The wireless doorbell kit should contain the fixings needed to make sure you can hang the transmitters (push buttons) safely and securely.

I have looked at a large number of wireless doorbell kits, and most ship with fittings such as:

  • Screws
  • Wall Plugs
  • Brackets

But some kits avoid any drilling by supplying adhesive.

Whilst adhesive will certainly make the job of putting the wireless doorbell up much easier, I struggle to understand how it can be as secure as a proper fitting kit.

Although there are times when you cannot drill into the door, maybe you are renting your property, or maybe you hate the idea of drilling into an expensive door!

Some kits double up on the fixing kit and supply screwswall plugs, AND double-sided adhesive tape. In my opinion, there is no need to double up, you may be left with holes to fill up and some tape to scrape off if you have even to uninstall the kit.

Make sure you have the correct tools ready before you start the installation process. You may need a small drill and a screwdriver.


Now we know the wireless doorbell kit should contain a decent fixings kit; you need to know how to put the transmitter up, right?

Also, you are going to need to know:

  • The operating range
  • Whether it is waterproof
  • How to change the chime
  • How to adjust the volume

….and many more things. I am sure you will already know the answer to some of those questions before deciding which wireless doorbell kit to go for!

If you are like me, you will undo the kit, give it your best shot, and only refer to the manual if and when you get stuck. But a least you know it’s there and try not to throw it out before you need it!


Your wireless doorbell kit will likely need batteries. You will need a battery for the transmitter, and you may also need a battery for the chime if you have gone for a kit with a battery-operated chime instead of a plugin chime.

CR2 batteries are very common for the transmitter.

If your kit does not contain any batteries, please ask the seller which batteries you will need.

Wireless Doorbell Kit – Conclusion

Please use this as a guide when ordering your wireless doorbell kit. It is by no means a list that you WILL get, more a list that you should EXPECT to get.

The amount of kits out there to order is vast, but as long as you have the basics, then you will not go far wrong.

Before ordering a wireless doorbell, consider what you need from it. Please take a few moments to run through what you need, and ensure the product features cover it all for you.

Good luck!

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