ieGeek WiFi Video Doorbell Camera Review

We all have been in situations when unwanted guests ring our doorbell, and we do not know who is ringing the bell until we open the door.

You wish you could know about them before you answered the door.

Imagine a scenario when you are in your backyard, pool, or even on a vacation thousands of miles away from home, and you can still tell who is ringing the doorbell.

How brilliant would it be if you could scan visitors the same way you can see who is calling you on your phone without them knowing? Leave a customized message and wad them away if they are on your “unwanted” list.

It is now possible with the ieGeekWiFi Doorbell Camera. It serves as a doorkeeper at your place, day or night. You can substitute your ordinary doorbell with this invention and enjoy its perks.

With the motion sensor of this doorbell, you can also monitor who comes in proximity to your home, be it the delivery guy or a house guest.

The doorbell also serves as a security monitor. It has a built-in motion sensor and records any movement near it. The doorbell sends these videos to you on any of the smart devices connected.

Here are some of the standout features of this doorbell:

ieGeek WiFi Doorbell Camera-Review

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IP66 Weatherproof

Most of us have doorbells installed just outside the front door. Unfortunately, there is not much weather resistance available at such spots. The weather varies, from blazing hot to thunderstorms with pouring rain. Many doorbells show weird behavior when wet, but not the ieGeekWiFi Doorbell Camera.

Weatherproofing is the most prominent feature you seek in a doorbell. ieGeekWiFi Doorbell Camera can endure harsh weather, come sun or rain. It is dust-tight and completely waterproof.

After thorough testing, it is safe to say that water cannot enter it from any direction. It will monitor your home perfectly fine in temperatures ranging from -4⁰F to 122⁰F, even when humidity in the atmosphere reaches 90%.

Capture More & Reduce Blind-spots

Many manufacturers have introduced camera doorbells to the market these days. Although they enable you to see beyond the walls, they cannot provide wide-area coverage.

The usual range that a doorbell camera covers is 120⁰. With ieGeekWiFi Doorbell Camera, you can capture more with a wide-range lens. It captures videos in a range of 166⁰, which is a broad spectrum.

You have no blind spot left with this doorbell camera.

The camera also has night vision that can function within 16ft. Now you need not worry about your place’s security, whether day or night. The doorbell can manually change the settings of turning the night vision on/off. You can save yourself from the hassle by turning on its auto mode.


  • This product is battery-operated, which saves you from the trouble of power outages. The two batteries are rechargeable with a capacity of 6700mAh. 
  • You can hardwire it to the power supply if you don’t want to go through the trouble of charging the batteries and replacing them from time to time.
  • Low battery notification tells you when the battery has reached a certain minimum level and how much more time it will function. You receive the message on your mobile.
  • The doorbell can detect the slightest of movements in its proximity. Intelligent motion sensors detect human movement and notify you on your mobile devices. 
  • There are two different settings for the motion sensors, depending on the sensitivity of your abode.
  • There is two-way audio and video support, so you can talk and see your visitors with convenience.
  • The weather-proof doorbell functions properly without any hindrance from the weather.
  • The photo resolution of the ieGeekWiFi Doorbell Camera is 1080 pixels HD. The image quality is flawless because of the wide-angle view of the camera lens. The motion detection is far better than other similarly priced wireless doorbell cameras.
  • ieGeekWiFi Doorbell Camera requires 2.4GHz WiFi connections to maintain home security on your mobile devices.
  • It has a 32 GB SD card pre-installed for storage.
  • You can share these videos with up to 5 friends simultaneously. It is possible through the “Cloudedge” App on any IOS/Android device. It is simple and clear to operate for any age group.
  • You can record a customized message for up to 30 seconds that you can use to respond to visitors when you are not around.
  • This reasonably priced doorbell is worth your money.

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Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Homeowners believe that the ieGeek WiFi Doorbell Camera is the best because of its versatility and durability. There are features in this doorbell that add to its value. Night vision and cloud storage make this doorbell camera more practical.

You can talk to and see the visitors, just like they can speak to you and see you through the camera. The users say that they feel more secure, day or night.

However, some have complained that it lacks some high-end features like live streaming of security video on smart devices. The camera stores all videos on cloud storage before letting you view them. It consumes more battery.

When you look critically, you realize that the ieGeek WiFi Doorbell Camera’s practicality has won over its cons. It is worth the money you spend on purchasing it.

The features are competent, which means this doorbell would be a great addition to your home security. This is a wise choice if you are looking for a decent WiFi doorbell.

Good luck!


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