Wireless Doorbell Battery Buyers Guide

Most wireless doorbells need batteries to operate. Some need batteries for the push button and some need batteries for the receiver. It can be a difficult task to find which battery you need for your wireless doorbell, so we have put together this guide for choosing the correct batteries.

We have covered many of the most popular wireless doorbells, and certainly all the options on our best wireless doorbell page.

We have put together a table where you can search for your wireless doorbell belowclick here to jump to it.

This post will be regularly updated with new and existing wireless doorbells, but if yours is not on here, please get in touch and we will add your doorbell battery into the table.

*This post is a guide only. You should always ensure that you select the correct battery for your doorbell.

Common batteries for wireless doorbells

Here we will take a look at the most common types of batteries used in wireless doorbells. If you want to be taken straight to the battery table guide, where you can search for your wireless doorbell, click here.

23A 12v

23A 12v Battery

23A 12v batteries are commonly used in wireless doorbell transmitters.

They are rarely used in wireless doorbell receivers.


aa battery

AA batteries are commonly used for wireless doorbell receivers if you have a portable wireless doorbell option.

AA batteries for the push button transmitter, but if you have gone for a wireless doorbell with video, or with WiFi connectivity, you may need them. 


aaa battery

AAA batteries are more commonly used in wireless doorbell receivers, but they can also be used in the transmitters (push buttons).

If your receivers take these, you will probably need at least 3AAA batteries, but check the table below.


CR2032 battery

CR2032 batteries are extremely common for use in wireless doorbell transmitters.

If your transmitter needs a CR2032 battery, it is likely that you will only need one.

Wireless Doorbell Battery Guide

Use the table below to find your wireless doorbell, and which battery you need for the push button (transmitter) or receiver (if you need batteries for this).

MakeModelAlt Model NoPush Button BatteryReceiver Battery
NoveteSGNV004ASGNV004ACR2032None Required
AvantekD-3GD-3GCR2032None Required
BitiwendWireless DoorbellDB002A23None Required
Tenswall2nd Version A23None Required
AvantekD-3WD-3WCR2032None Required
AvantekD-3CD-3CCR2032None Required
AvantekDW-12DW-12CR2032None Required
AvantekD-3BD-3BCR2032None Required
Ausein  A23None Required
ZOEVIEW4-800NA0044-800NA004CR2032None Required
BodyguardDR-2DR-2A23None Required
HomasyVTHMHS023AWUSVTHMHS023AWUSA23None Required
1PlusOne  A23None Required
GE Wireless Doorbell3039330393CR2032None Required
CoolqiyaCECOMINOD053567 A23None Required
KooPowerWireless Doorbell None RequiredNone Required
PhysenH1 A23None Required
PhysenCW A23None Required
SadoTechModel C A23 
SadoTechModel CX A23 
SadoTechModel CXR A23 
VikelPortable Doorbell None RequiredAA
AUYOUBattery Operated DoorbellQH-862A AAA
1byoneEasy Chime PortableO00QH-0501CR2032AA
TeckNetWireless Doorbell77323A23

Wireless Doorbell Battery Guide – Conclusion

We hope this battery guide has given you all the information you need.

Choosing a battery for your doorbell button can be a challenge, especially if you do not have the manual any more. The best thing you can do is take a look at the battery that is currently installed in the button. Try and identify any markings that may indicate the battery type.

If you have a wireless doorbell and it is not covered in the table above, please get in touch or leave a comment below and we will add it in.

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  1. What battery do i need for a smart Home wireless video doorbell I uses a18650 but there are different sizes Can’t find the right one

    • Hi

      Thanks for getting touch! Can you tell me the make and model of the video doorbell please?


  2. I purchaSed a doorbell it CAME WITHOUT batteries there is a picture showing 2600MaH but i cannot find these batteries anywhere. It shows i need thRee and they shoulD be rechargable. The product is iwitt and it says Batteries are long life 3 needed. Can you help me please.

    • Hey, thanks for getting in touch! Is this a video doorbell? I’ve been unable to find the doorbell however, I have found some batteries on Amazon – if you search for 2600mah battery, you get results back with rechargeable AA batteries, and these are used regularly in video options. I hope that helps!


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