Wyze v Ring Security Cameras Compared

Keeping an eye on things at home when you’re not there is getting easier and cheaper. Wireless security cameras are now affordable, simple to install, and technically advanced. But if you’re looking for the best one for your home, which one should you choose? Here is a comparison of 2 popular devices – the Wyze Cam versus the Ring Stick Up Cam.

Wyze v Ring Stick-Up Camera

 Wyze Security CamRing Stick Up Cam
PriceView On AmazonView On Amazon
Waterproof RatingNoWater-Resistant
Night VisionYesYes
Digital Zoom 8xYes
Integration **********
2-Way AudioYesYes

Cloud Storage



Ring Stick Up Cam

There is no doubt that the Ring has a much higher price than the Wyze. In fact, the price of the Ring is over 3 x that of the Wyze.

Wyze Camera

The Wyze camera costs less than 1/3 of the Ring and is the cheapest option.

Waterproof Rating

Ring Stick Up Cam

Designed to be used both inside and outside, the Ring is versatile and has been waterproofed to a high standard, keeping the weather out.

The Ring stick-up cam is an excellent security camera for use in cold weather!

Wyze Camera

The Wyze is purely an indoor cam and is not waterproofed or designed for use outside.

Please do not use the Wyze cam outside!

Camera Quality

Ring Stick Up Cam

Using 1080p resolution, which is the standard of today, the quality of the Ring Stick Up Cam images is clear. The colors are only slightly off.

In daylight, faces are very easy to see and recognize, which is a must for a security camera. A 110-degree field of vision covers most room if placed in the corner.

With its capability to pick up images in low light, the Ring Stick Up Cam is ideal for alleyways, hidden corners, and dark doorways.


With the Wyze, 1080p resolution and a 2.8mm focal length are used again. In daylight, the colors are incredibly accurate and crisp, making small details easy to see. This helps with facial recognition.

The field of view is 110 degrees which will cover a fair bit, to be honest!

Night Vision

Ring Stick Up Cam

In the dark, the Ring cam has IR lights that kick in to produce excellent quality images. There is a little detail lost, but it is possible to see most of the room, especially anything or a person closer to the cam.

This feature also works outside.


The Wyze states that it has 30 feet of night vision, and it does. There is, however, a loss of quality the more you zoom in, but the images are good enough to view.

The small details are lost, but there is more than enough to recognize faces.

When people move fast in low light, blurring can occur.

Digital Zoom

Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring states that it has digital zoom; however, it does not state how much you can zoom in. I have used this via the app and a screenshot on a PC. Both images were of high enough quality to zoom in and grab the needed information.


The Wyze cam states that it can zoom in up to x 8. But the camera is of good quality, especially in good light! That means you can zoom in to get whatever you need.

Battery Life

Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring has a battery-powered version with a rechargeable, easy-to-release battery. Once fully charged, the battery lasts for approximately 3 months under normal use.

There is an indicator showing how much life is left so it doesn’t die unnoticed. You will also get an email to remind you to recharge the battery.


The Wyze Cam does not have a battery, and you must always plug the device into a power source.


Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Cam has a mounting base with adjustable angles, a battery pack, a micro USB charging cable, a wall anchor, screws, and security stickers.

There is a solar-powering pack for outdoor use that you can buy separately.


In the box, the Wyze cam comes with a magnetic plate, so the cam can be attached to anything metal, or you can simply stand it on a surface.

It can be used with an SD card, but this must be bought separately.


Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring integrates with Alexa enabling you to control it with your voice. If you have multiple Ring devices, they can all be connected to the same app.

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 and a Ring Stick-Up Cam, which can easily be accessed via the app and Echo Show.


Integrating with Google Assistant and Alexa, the Wyze can be used with voice control.

Also, you can use IFTTT to integrate with it! You have to check that out. It is pretty awesome.

2 Way Audio

Ring Stick Up Cam

There is a 2-way audio capability with the Ring Stick Up Cam with an element of noise canceling.

Talk with those in the field of view on the image to keep in touch with everyone at home.

There is also a powerful siren that can be activated as a warning. Great for scaring away any wrongdoers!


With the Wyze cam, 2-way talk is available live-streaming so you can chat with your family and visitors or warn away intruders.

There is a slight delay in the 2-way talk, not by much, but it is noticeable when you are testing it near the camera.


Ring Stick Up Cam

For a small monthly fee, you can access your Ring Cam videos for 60 days and share them with the authorities, family, or neighbors.

I am signed up for this, which is very easy to use. Always keep your account credentials secure!


Wyze offers free cloud storage that is accessible for 14 days. The storage is accessible via the Wyze app and is easy to use and very rapid!


Both of these easy-to-install cameras have plenty of great features for home security. When comparing the Ring Stick Up Cam v the Wyze camera, it is difficult to choose a winner!

Both send detection notifications to your phone within seconds to know when something is happening at your property.

The Wyze is considerably cheaper than the Ring, and this is very tempting.

The daylight picture quality is more than you’d expect on both models, but the nighttime quality is slightly better for the Ring.

If having a camera outside is your priority, then the Ring Stick Up is the one for you. The rechargeable battery pack gives this one an added advantage too.

But the Wyze is hard to beat if you’re on a budget and only want an indoor cam.

So, the decision is yours!

Good luck.

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