Best Waterproof Wireless Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are arguably one of the most powerful and equally popular tech devices homeowners can use to keep their properties safe and sound. Installing an outdoor security camera is your best bet toward keeping potential burglars at bay. But, what are the best waterproof security cameras?

Thanks to the advent of technology, today’s outdoor security cameras boast smart and enhanced proactive security features to make home surveillance simple and stress-free. What’s even more impressive is that these high-end security devices can ward off inclement weather to keep your property protected all seasons!

As experts in the industry, we have narrowed down the top five waterproof outdoor security cameras. So, here are the top 5!

Best Waterproof Security Cameras

1. (NO LONGER RECOMMENDED) 1080P Outdoor Security FHD Night Vision by NETVUE

NETVUE Outdoor Security Camera - 1080P Outdoor Camera Wireless, IP66 Waterproof

With an IP rating of IP66, you can be sure that this security camera will not let you down if it gets wet!

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There is a lot to like about this outdoor security camera, but the price is something to celebrate. It brings on board many impressive features that make it a fantastic addition to your home surveillance gadgets.

This cylindrical-shaped outdoor security device not only boasts an easy-to-install design but has crisp 1080P HD resolutions and a 100-degree wide-angle lens for near-perfect imagery.

With this security camera at your disposal, you’ll also enjoy live FHD video all night and day thanks to its infrared LEDs with an incredible range of up to 60ft of video even in the pitch-dark.

Thanks to its two-way audio functionality, the Netvue allows you to communicate with guests, while its deterrent alarm helps to get rid of unwanted ones. What’s even more impressive is that it uses the AWS cloud to offer up to thirty days of cloud storage.

What’s more, it supports up to 128GB micro SD card storage. With the Netvue app, you’ll be able to use your mobile device to effortlessly trigger the camera’s siren when you detect suspicious activity within your yard.

You’ll also receive instant mobile alerts to your smartphone anytime motion is detected, thanks to its premium quality motion detection technology.

With accurate and smart motion detection, adjustable motion sensibility, you can avoid false notifications.

The Netvue is rated IP66, which means it is one of the most waterproof wireless cameras.

It is also compatible with Alexa, Echo Spot, Echo Show, or Fire TV.

So, why should you purchase this device?

  • Guarantees professional image quality.
  • It is relatively affordable yet offers top-notch performance.
  • Offers night vision of up to 60ft.
  • Easy to install.

2. Reolink Eco + Solar Panel Outdoor Camera with PIR Motion Sensor

Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera System Wireless Waterproof.

With a rating of IP65, this Reolink is as waterproof as you need it to be, and more!

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If you are looking to keep an eye on multiple access points within your yard without digging deep into your pocket, the Reolink should be your ultimate choice.

The versatile Argus is a powerful weatherproof outdoor security camera that doesn’t require any solar-powered wires. This is a huge plus point for us!

The Reolink boasts a 100-degree FOVand can deliver incredibly sharp night vision video out to thirty-three feet. It is also equipped with a microphone and a speaker for two-way audio.

It can store all captured moments to your local SD card or Reolink cloud with the SD card slot.

The encrypted cloud service offers off-site backup of all these critical moments. Equally, it allows you to access and playback video history on your mobile devices anytime, wherever you are.

Being weatherproof for indoor and outdoor, the Argus will always be ready for extreme weather thanks to its rare IP65 Rating. It allows up to ten users to live to view the surveillance camera simultaneously.

Though relatively expensive, the Argus is a fantastic piece of equipment worth your time, energy, and hard-earned cash.

Why should you invest your money in this outdoor camera?

  • Boasts two-way audio to speak to guests.
  • IP650rated weatherproof outdoor hence can withstand extreme weather.
  • Infrared night vision up to 33tf.
  • It is solar-powered.
  • Easy to install.

3. YI Outdoor Security Camera, 1080p 2.4G Wireless IP Waterproof Security Camera

YI Outdoor Security Camera, 1080p Cloud Cam IP Waterproof Night Vision Surveillance System with 24/7 Emergency Response, Motion Detection, Activity Alert, Deterrent Alarm, Phone App, Work with Alexa

This YI waterproof security camera looks the part, and will not let you down when it gets wet!

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Equipped with excellent night vision functionality and advanced motion detection technology, this home surveillance camera system is exactly what you need to up the safety of your family.

This particular device is the latest addition to the YI home camera series. It boasts high definition recording and dependable IP65 waterproof rating, and full HD video quality.

This camera cannot only withstand unfavorable weather but comes equipped with integrated two-way audio to allow you to talk with guests. For enhanced performance, the camera has a 360 noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone.

That will effectively eliminate excess environmental noise for improved sound quality.

Consequently, the deterrent motion detection tech helps scare off potential intruders. The camera equally boasts 12 850nm infrared LEDs. These provide an enhanced nighttime viewing distance of up to 50 feet for unrivaled low light performance.

The 110- degree lens guarantees a comfortable viewing range. And with the universal mount at its disposal, you can easily adjust the viewing angle to almost any position.

Like the entire YI home series devices, this security camera supports YI Cloud to ensure that every captured footage is fully secured from theft and damage. Thanks to the YI Home app, you can easily view your camera’s live feed when you need to.

From anywhere, at any time.

Why should you purchase the YI security camera?

  • IP65 weatherproof rating.
  • Impressive picture and video quality.
  • Incredible night vision of up to 50ft.
  • Optional 24/7 emergency service for prompt security handling.
  • Made with two-way audio to speak to guests.

4. Wansview Outdoor Security Camera

Outdoor Security Camera, Wansview 1080P Wireless WiFi Home Surveillance Waterproof Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote Access, Compatible with Alexa

This Wansview security camera is rated IP65, which is much more than you need!

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Though it doesn’t dazzle with loads of extra features, the Wansview outdoor security camera delivers where it matters most. It provides crystal 1080p smooth video so that you can capture clear details around your home at all times.

With 24pcs infrared LEDs, this performance-oriented security camera allows you to see things clearly that are up to 20m in totally dark environments! Hence protecting your home all the time.

Unlike other outdoor surveillance devices that are pretty difficult to install and operate. The Wansview offers a great deal of ease of usability.

You only need to download the Wansview app, power the WIFI camera, and set it to 2.4G wifi, and your security will be ready!

Thanks to its multiple-view and sharing ability, the Wansview can be accessed from multiple smartphones, computers, and tablets. What’s more, you can share the camera with your loved ones to allow them to help monitor your property while you are away. Up to four users can view simultaneously.

This Wansview is IP65 waterproof. This implies that it will offer top-notch HD uninterrupted outdoor viewing in all types of weather. It operates within a temperature range of 14F to 104F (-10℃·40℃) degrees.

Even in terrible conditions, the Wansview will keep a reliable, stable and dependable operation. And Wansview leaves nothing to chance!

It boasts a specially designed casing that makes it impossible for a vandal to either snatch or disable the camera.

At this price point, the Wansview is an incredible machine worth your consideration.

Why should you buy the Wansview outdoor security camera?

  • Enables homeowners to remotely check what’s happening in your home anytime, anywhere.
  • Versatile and suitable for monitoring cars, houses, or gardens.
  • Easy setup and installation.
  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • Relatively affordable.

5. SOLIOM Outside Solar/Battery Powered Security Device

Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera

The Soliom camera looks more like a bird than a security camera, but it is waterproof!

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The SOLIOM is a powerful, fully wireless IP outdoor security camera that offers a perfect blend of affordability, technology, and performance. It’s stripped down of unnecessary clutter and great for homeowners seeking a simple yet reliable and highly effective outdoor surveillance solution.

At a glance, you’ll immediately realize that the SOLIOM S60 isn’t your average IP security device. It boasts an amazing design that is made even more unique by the presence of the wing-like solar panel.

It has a gorgeous design with one of the best features; total wireless freedom!

With a powerful built-in battery and self-sustained by a potent solar light panel, this camera will keep your home or property safe while keeping your monthly energy bills as low as possible.

It offers an awesome 1080P reliable HD video recording that offers extra detailed video and movement tracking. It uses the best LEDs for unrivaled night vision. Allowing up to 50 feet visible distance and auto-switch day to night setting.

This camera is equipped with incredibly effective 2-way movement detection technology to allow you to keep off false notifications.

The speaker and the built-in microphone allow you to communicate with your loved ones and warn off intruders even when you are away from home.

Fantastic for peace of mind, right?

The SOLIOM is full IP66 weather-resistant and is equally sealed to repel any water and dust. It functions at any outdoor weather temperature between 20 and 60-degrees. The SOLIOM is easy to set up and install. To make the job even more straightforward, the installation tools are included in the box.

Why should you purchase the SOLIOM outdoor security camera?

  • Easy to set up and install.
  • High-end features for quality performance.
  • IP66 weatherproof and durable.
  • Highly advanced 1080P vision.
  • Two-way is a huge bonus.


Today’s outdoor surveillance cameras are equipped with advanced features to help enhance the security of your home or business. However, with endless brands and models to choose from, finding the best waterproof wireless security cameras can prove to be a daunting task for most people.

Good luck!


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