Best Loud Wireless Doorbell – Up To 115dB

There are many reasons you are looking for a loud wireless doorbell, but which ones are the loudest?

Which wireless doorbell will give you the ability to ramp the volume up so you can hear it?

In this post, we give you the best loud wireless doorbells, and some even go up to 115dB, which, according to, is the same volume as a rock concert or a leaf blower! (See the infographic below)

The 5 Loudest Wireless Doorbell Options

Avantek Loud Wireless Doorbell

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Our experience with the AVANTEK wireless doorbell has been nothing short of impressive. The doorbell boasts a wireless range of 1300 feet, ensuring that you never miss a visitor, even if you are in another room. The doorbell comes with two plug-in receivers, which are easy to install and do not interfere with other electronic equipment in your home or those of your neighbors.

The doorbell features 52 beautiful chimes, which are delivered through a 40 mm stereo speaker. You can easily choose your favorite melody by pressing the Next or Previous button. The doorbell also has five adjustable volume levels, with a maximum volume of 115 dB, ensuring that you never miss a visitor, even if you are in a noisy environment.

The doorbell’s transmitter has a high-performance design, with ultra-low power consumption and a CR2032 lithium battery that boasts a maximum lifespan of three years. The transmitter is also IP55 dustproof and waterproof and can withstand various harsh weather conditions.

The doorbell has a memory function that preserves your last set melody and volume level after a power outage, making it convenient and easy to use. The doorbell is also easy to set up, and you can add more AVANTEK RB-1 receivers for increased coverage. Overall, the AVANTEK wireless doorbell is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use doorbell.

Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to the design and aesthetics of the AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell, we were impressed. The sleek black finish of the doorbell transmitter gives it a modern and stylish look that blends well with any home decor. The LED light on the transmitter adds a nice touch, making it easy to locate in the dark.

The two plug-in receivers also have a simple yet elegant design that won’t clash with your home’s interior. We appreciate that AVANTEK included screws, anchors, and an adhesive patch for easy installation of the transmitter.

Overall, the AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell has a sophisticated and attractive design that is sure to enhance the look of your home.

Avantek CW-21 Wireless Doorbell

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The Avantek CW-21 is another great choice if you need an extra loud wireless doorbell.

It reaches 115dB at maximum volume, but it also has a range of over 1000 feet (if there is nothing in the way). When you have a wireless doorbell that far away, you need the extra volume to hear it!

Rain is not a problem either because the push button is rated IP55, which means you can spray it with water from any angle, and it will not break it. Perfect for heavy rain.

While we are on the subject of weather, the operating temperature range will cover you as the doorbell is rated to work between -20 °C and 60°C (- 4°F and 140°F).

The Avantek CW-21 has an LED on the front of each chime, which means it is a good option for those who are hard of hearing. Extra volume and a flashing LED? It makes it a PERFECT wireless doorbell for those who are hard of hearing.

In terms of looks, we love the minimalistic look of the CW-21. It is small, compact, and packs one hell of a punch when the volume is at the maximum settings.

Avantek DB-21 Wireless Doorbell

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The DB-21 is a classic and highly rated, similar to the D3-B.

In terms of features, it is almost the same too. A quick rundown reveals:

  • IP55 Waterproof push button
  • Loud wireless doorbell receiver
  • 52 melodies
  • LED for the hard-of-hearing

The DB-21 is another excellent, highly-rated option if you are looking for a long-range wireless doorbell. It is rated to work at over 1300 feet (without interference), AND you can push the volume up to 115dB, so hearing it will not be a problem!

With a push-button rated at IP55 and working in a temperature range of -4 °F to 140 °F, you can be confident that it will work in hot AND cold climates, with the potential for some hefty rain showers!

Crosspoint Loud Wireless Doorbell

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Here, we have the Crosspoint wireless doorbell, which has a maximum volume level of 110dB.

Sure, it is not as loud as the top 3 options, but 110dB is loud enough and is still one of the loudest doorbells you can buy.

Outside of the volume, the Crosspoint is an excellent wireless doorbell! The most significant selling point is the ability to expand with other items, including:

  • Additional receivers
  • Additional push buttons
  • Motion sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Vibrating receiver

The initial wireless doorbell kit contains 2 receivers and 2 push buttons, which is enough to get you started. If that is all you need, then stick with that, but if you need more, you can easily add additional items.

In terms of being waterproof, the Crosspoint is rated IP44, which we expect within the range.

There are over 50 melodies to choose from, and the operating range is around 500ft (1000ft in the open).

We rate the Crosspoint wireless doorbell very highly.

Why you need an extra loud wireless doorbell

Large House

If you have a large house, you need to ensure that the house is covered from a volume perspective. For example, you can go for a wireless doorbell with multiple receivers, but you might also want to stick to a loud wireless doorbell instead.

At 115 dB, you will struggle not to hear the doorbell!

Hard Of Hearing

If you are hard of hearing, you will undoubtedly need some help with volume. You may also want to consider the flashing LED, but a loud maximum volume will help. There are also some options for using a smart doorbell to link up with Alexa. You can do all kinds of superb integration to ensure you do not miss a visitor!

Heavy Sleeper

I wish this were me! If you are a heavy sleeper, you will want a wireless doorbell that is loud enough to wake you up when you have a visitor.

You Have Kids!

This is the reason I am not a heavy sleeper! When you have kids, you do not have much of a chance to hear ANYTHING else that is going on. You will need a loud wireless doorbell if your kids are making too much noise.

How A Loud Doorbell Compares To Other Sounds – Infographic

This infographic gives you how loud your wireless doorbell will go! Some options on this page reach 115dB, which is incredibly loud!

Loud Doorbell Comparison Infographic

Is there a way to make a doorbell louder?

Yes, there are ways to make a doorbell louder. One way is to purchase a loud wireless doorbell. These doorbells are specifically designed to be loud so that people with hearing impairments can still hear them.

You should also consider buying a doorbell with multiple receivers to hear the chimes a little louder in each room.

How do I adjust my doorbell volume?

It is difficult to give you exact instructions without knowing the make and model of your doorbell; however, here is a guide on increasing the volume of your doorbell:

If you find that your wireless doorbell is too loud or not loud enough, there are a few ways to adjust the volume.

On the receiver unit:

There is usually a volume control knob or slider on the side or back of the receiver unit. Adjusting this will change the overall volume of the doorbell.

On the transmitter unit:

There may also be a volume control on the transmitter unit. This will generally only affect the volume of the chime, not the actual loudness of the doorbell itself.

In the app:

If you are using a wireless doorbell with an accompanying app, there is likely a way to adjust the volume within the app itself. This is generally the easiest way to make small adjustments to the doorbell’s volume.

On your device:

If you are using a loud wireless doorbell with an intercom system or video doorbell, you may be able to adjust the volume on your actual device (phone, tablet, etc.). This is generally found in the settings for that particular device.

Can you add more receivers to make your wireless doorbell louder?

You can add additional receivers to your wireless doorbell system to make it louder. By adding more receivers, you will be able to hear your doorbell from a greater distance.

Additionally, you can also adjust the volume on each receiver to make it even louder.


In this post are the top loud wireless doorbells. In terms of price, there is something there that suits all budgets.

Think about why you need a loud wireless doorbell, and consider the other product features. If you are hard of hearing, think about an LED. If you have a large house, check if your wireless doorbell is expandable.

You will find many options on our best wireless doorbell page.

Ultimately, if you are after a loud wireless doorbell, we have you covered with this post. These have a maximum volume of up to 115 dB. With that in mind, I am sure you will agree that it is more than loud enough, right?

Good luck, and if you have any questions or think we may have missed a wireless doorbell from this page, please get in contact or leave a reply below so we can consider it.


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