SDETER Outdoor Security Camera vs Ring Stick Up

Smart technology is redefining the way we set up home security surveillance systems.

With wireless connectivity, 2-way communication, and night vision support, modern security cameras are easy to set up and accessible on the go. This not only makes home surveillance a hassle-free thing but also protects your home in ways you could have never imagined before.

The security cameras market was dominated by a handful of players two decades ago. But the present scenario is completely different. There are several companies, but there are also thousands of different security camera models for you to choose from. This makes it difficult to decide which one to buy.

We are here to help you out with that by giving you a comprehensive review of 2 stellar security cameras – SDETER Outdoor Security Camera and Ring Stick Up Cam. Both of these come in wireless options and have a host of different features.

Our Ring Camera v SDETER post covers all the different technical specifications and features and will give you an idea about the benefits of both.

Comparison Quicksheet

 SDETER CameraRing Stick Up Cam
PriceView On AmazonView On Amazon
Waterproof RatingIP66Water-Resistant
Night VisionYesYes
Battery LifeUp To 6 Months


(Rechargeable pack)

Up To 3 Months


(Rechargeable pack)

2-Way AudioYesYes

Cloud Storage


SDETER Security Camera vs. Ring Stick Up – Deep Dive

Camera Quality

Both the Ring and SDETER security cameras support HD 1080p. This gives you a clear image and video display, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use. You can mount them in front of your garage or use them indoors. The two-way talk feature lets you easily communicate with the subjects in front of the camera.

The ring camera has 110 degrees horizontal and 57-degree vertical viewing angles. The SDETER camera has a wide viewing area of 130 degrees and has two picture quality settings – SD and HD. You can customize the settings to save the battery.

Night Vision

There is night vision support in both the Ring and SDETER security cameras. The Ring camera offers a night vision viewing area of up to 30 ft while. The objects closer to the camera seem to be clearer than those farther from the lens.

SDETER’s night vision camera provides clear picture viewing up to a distance of 40 ft. Though the picture quality is not well illuminated during the night, it is of fairly good quality.

Waterproof Rating

If you are looking for a camera for outdoor use, the waterproof rating of the camera is necessary. While both of these models can be used for outdoor functionality, there is a difference in the ability to endure harsh weather conditions.

Ring Stick Up Cam comes only with a weather-resistant rating that makes it unsuitable for harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, SDETER has an IP66 rating with a metal shell, making it resistant to all kinds of weather, including rain and snow.

Digital Zoom

Ring Stick Up Cam and SDETER camera models come with standard zoom features that you can access from the application on your phone. The zoom quality is not that great and is of decent quality in both cases.

Battery Life

These camera models come with rechargeable batteries that provide wireless functionality to the cameras. You can place the cameras at any convenient point, without the need of having a power socket nearby. However, the battery will need occasional recharging.

The Ring camera can run for 3 months with a full charge, while the SDETER camera promises to run for close to 6 months. This is a big difference and definitely makes SDETER a clear winner in terms of battery life.


These cameras come with standard rechargeable batteries and an adapter for charging. You can purchase SDETER Solar panels separately. This will let you charge the camera using solar energy without needing to plug it into a power socket.

For the Ring Stick Up Cam, there is no separate solar panel available. However, another model, the Stick Up Cam Solar, comes with Solar panels included.


In terms of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can install both cameras easily. All you need to do is power on the cameras, download the supported application on your phone, and follow the onscreen instructions. It would hardly take more than 5-10 minutes to install each of these devices.

Ring Stick Up Cam can be paired with other Ring devices. It also works with Alexa and has support for Echo Devices. If you have paired your Ring device with Echo, you can see, hear and speak to anyone in front of the camera.

2-Way Audio

Remember the time when you used to see a person speaking through the camera in the movies? Well, 2-Way audio features in modern security cameras allow you to do that. Both the Ring and the SDETER cameras come with a 2-Way audio feature.

The microphones are mounted in front, which lets individuals comfortably lean towards the camera and speak if needed. Speakers are mounted at the rear side of the camera body. The Ring Stick Up Cam has in-built noise cancellation and even works with Alexa. This gives extended functionality like hands-free home monitoring and notification alerts.

You can use the mobile app to communicate through the cameras. This helps you to view and talk to your children, even when you are not at home.

Cloud Storage

This is where both the cameras have a downside. Ring Stick Up Cam offers a cloud storage option, but it comes at a steep price! You would have to shell out a small amount each month to enable recording and cloud storage features. This will actually translate into the price of the camera over the course of a year.

SDETER also has a paid cloud subscription. But the best thing about this camera is that it has SD card support. This lets you store your recordings for close to a month. On the Ring Camera v SDETER Camera review, SDETER does have a clear lead in this regard.


There is no stark difference in price when it comes down to Ring Camera v SDETER Cameras. But the Ring is an expensive option as a standalone system in itself. Add with the additional monthly cloud storage subscription. It becomes a little more costly.


The verdict in the Ring Camera v SDETER Camera goes to the Ring Security camera. Though both these cameras are excellent and offer some great functionality, like 2-way talk and Live View features, in ways, the latter excels the former.

The Ring is a winner in terms of providing better image quality, night vision, and integration. Being an Amazon product, it has been made to work with Alexa, which is awesome!

Good luck choosing!


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