Ring Stick Up Cam vs Blink XT2 Compared

If you are currently seeking to purchase a home security camera, Blink XT2 and Ring Cam surveillance camera systems are two fantastic devices you would want to consider. Though Amazon owns both, these two cameras bring on board hugely contrasting capabilities. Whereas Blink is revered for its technologically advanced cameras, Ring is popular for its integration and two-way audio functionality.

Although they are not exactly cheap wireless security camera options, they are feature-packed and built for integration.

If you are finding it hard to choose between the two, you are in the right place. One camera system will likely suit you better than the other, so let us dig deeper into what each camera offers.

Comparison Quicksheet

 Ring Stick Up CamBlink XT2
PriceView On AmazonView On Amazon
Waterproof RatingWater-ResistantIP65
Night VisionYesYes
Digital ZoomYesYes
Battery LifeUp To 6 Months
(Rechargeable pack)
Up To 2-Years
(2 x AA)
2-Way AudioYesYes

Cloud Storage


Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Blink XT2 – Deep Dive


There is not much difference between the Ring and the Blink cameras in terms of price, which is great news!

It means that you do not have to consider purchasing one over the other because of your budget.

Waterproof Rating


This camera is weather resistant. Its operating conditions are -5 F to 122 F. This implies that it can work well in indoor and outdoor conditions. It can also function effectively in low-light situations, including in alleyways or extra dark halls. Simply put, it is robust and durable enough to withstand all sorts of inclement weather.

Blink XT2

Blink is IP65-rated and is equally weather-resistant and waterproof. It can handle outdoor weather that ranges from 40 to 113 F temperatures.

Both options are excellent waterproof wireless security camera options.



The ring’s high-end camera records crisp, colorful, and amazing 1080p video. It has a relatively wider view that includes 130-degree diagonal, 110-degree horizontal, and 57-degree vertical. It uses a rechargeable battery for power, has LED spotlights, and comes equipped with a functional 110-decibel siren.

Protect every single corner of your business premise or home with a Ring Stick Up Cam surveillance camera that lets you see, hear and speak to anyone in your yard from your tablet or phone.

Blink XT2

The BlinkXT2 is a 1080p HD resolution camera with a 110-degree field of view and equally provides top-notch image and video quality.

With it at your disposal, you’ll always enjoy unrivaled video and image quality 24/7, whether it is during the day or at night.

Night Vision


Criminals always prefer to schedule their break-ins when the sun is not out! Of course, this is when there is very little chance of being seen and a security camera with excellent night vision is always handy. The Ring comes equipped with a powerful infrared night vision that allows you to see things even if it is pitch dark outside.

Blink XT2

The blink security camera also includes the same night vision technology used in the Ring camera, capturing crystal clear footage even in total darkness.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom on a surveillance camera is an internal software image processing functionality that narrows the angle of view of images to see what is important for you by cropping out the unnecessary parts.

Both the Blink XT2 and Ring security cameras come equipped with digital zooming technology that allows you to zoom or enlarge the image area at the center of the frame, trim away the outside edges of the picture for more precise image quality.

Battery Life


The battery life of any wireless device is a critical factor you would want to consider seriously. The Ring Stick Up Cam boasts a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

According to Ring, the battery will last up from six months to one year on a single charge, which is incredible.

What’s more, you can easily charge your Stick Up Cam using the rechargeable battery pack without moving the camera.

Blink XT2

This camera guarantees a two-year battery life thanks to its two powerful AA lithium batteries.



Ring offers a wide range of accessories to go along with security cameras, including

  • Quick-release battery pack: You can extra battery pack for your Ring Stick Up camera.
  • Solar panel: For homeowners who want to stick with solar and uninterrupted charge, this is the way to go. It only takes a few hours of sunlight to heat on your device to provide power and connectivity.
  • Plug-in adapter: Plug your Ring Stick Up camera with an adapter.
  • Replacement parts Kit: If any component of your Ring camera fails, you can purchase a spare parts kit instead of replacing your entire device.
  • Mounting Kits: You can also get wedge and corner mounting kits to help strategically angle your Ring camera for improved visibility.
  • Silicone sleeve: You can enhance your camera’s durability by adding a weather-resistant silicone sleeve.
  • Ring Chime Pro: A Wi-Fi extender and an indoor chime that lets you know when you have Ring notifications. Alternatively, you can get the chime capability but without a Wi-Fi extender.

Blink XT2

  • Camera mounting kits.
  • Blink camera protective covers, various colors available.
  • Protected by Blink Stickers: Let people know that Blink protects you.
  • Protected by Blink two sticker set and Yard Sign.



The Ring camera works with Alexa to enable hands-free home monitoring. It means that anytime someone triggers the camera’s built-in motion zones, your Echo gadget will illuminate and trigger a notification, so you’ll know when an intruder is around. And if you have an Echo Spot or Echo Show, you can hear, see and speak to anybody captured on camera.

Blink XT2

The Blink TX2 security camera also integrates with Amazon Alexa. On top of that, it integrates with IFTTT and Google Home. You will be able to view live streams, motion videos, or arm and disarm your camera through select Alexa-compatible devices.

It will come as no surprise to you that these camera solutions appear in our list of best cameras with Alexa integration.

2-Way Audio

Both of these options appear in our list of security cameras with 2-way audio.


Two-way audio is a handy feature. It helps communicate with people from afar and equally, plays a vital role in scaring away intruders. After all, nothing is scarier than a homeowner’s voice popping out of nowhere and telling them to disappear immediately! Ring Stick Up Cam is equipped with two-audio functionality.

Blink XT2

Just like its Ring counterpart, the Blink security camera is also designed with two-audio ability. It is possible to effectively communicate with the intruder within your camera’s field of view in real-time.

Cloud Storage

These details are true at the time of writing the article. Please check with the manufacturer for more up-to-date details.


Cloud storage is an essential feature you wouldn’t want to ignore. If there is an ongoing quibble about Ring security devices, it is those monthly subscription storage services. Of course, you won’t have to pay for live camera footage. With Ring Protect Basic plan, motion clips are temporarily stored in the Cloud for free for 30 days.

However, if you want to continue beyond this trial period, you’d need to subscribe to Ring’s Protect plan.

Blink XT2

Blink offers free cloud storage for Blink camera systems. To be more precise, it provides 7,200 seconds of free cloud storage, and there are storage plans, paid or otherwise. It can store up to 1440 five-second clips as long as you would like.

It will automatically remove the oldest clip to create room for your next clip when it is full.


These are two fantastic security camera devices. They are all weatherproof, powered by long-lasting batteries, offer high resolution, a commendable field of view, ease-of-installation, and are equally affordable.

However, choosing between the two would hugely depend on your budget, home security needs, among other preferences. In this regard, the Ring Stick Up Cam is an excellent option for those who want the perks of a fairly advanced security system for full home automation security.

On the other hand, Blink TX2 is a great option for excellent home surveillance services at a reasonable and affordable price.

Good luck!

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