X-Sense Wireless Doorbell Review

We are in a time where everything is shifting to wireless. Be it the internet, phone, or doorbells. Wireless doorbells are a new trend. They are easy to install and use.

Besides, they offer multiple features that your traditional wired doorbell can’t get close to. Homeowners planning to remodel or renovate their homes should consider a wireless doorbell. It can save them from the trouble of wiring and damaging your front door!

Wireless doorbells have been in the market for two decades. A few years ago, they weren’t so famous and co-existed with their wired counterparts. The reason that they are preferred besides being wireless is the multiple features that they offer.

One such brand of wireless doorbells offering excellent product features is the X-sense doorbell.

X-sense wireless doorbells have an impressive wireless range, with above 50 melodies, very loud, and they look great too!

Let’s take a look in more detail.

X-sense Wireless Doorbell-Review

Wireless Doorbell, X-Sense Waterproof Door Bell Kit over 2,000 Feet Wireless Range with 2 Receivers, 56 Melodies & 5 Volume Levels, Black

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What’s in The Box?

This doorbell comes as a kit, which includes two receivers and one transmitter.

You’ll also get a key, an adhesive patch, two screws, two anchors, and one user manual.

The transmitter includes batteries too.


As we said earlier, this doorbell comes with two receivers and one transmitter. You can place the two receivers in different places if you are worried you won’t hear the first one. Both are black.

Both receiver and the transmitter have a bell icon in the middle with a blue LED backlight. You’ll also notice the brand’s name in grey at the bottom to one side of the receiver.

The receiver and the transmitter have a glossy finish except for the bottom part of the matte metal receiver.

The receivers have a square shape with 3.7 inches on all sides. The transmitter has a rectangular shape and is 3 inches in height and 1.7 inches in width. You’ll find two long buttons on one side of the receiver for choosing the melody and the volume. If you choose to, you can also mute the volume.

There is an LED indicator in place, which will let you know when you have a visitor. The indicator is bright but mellow at the same time. It proves useful when you want silence for someone sleeping at home or a family member with some hearing impairment.

The transmitter only has one big button, which transmits the radio signal when pressed. The receiver catches this radio signal, which then lets out a sound to tell you that someone has pressed the button.


Sound and Volume

This doorbell offers you 56 melodies. You’ll find the traditional chime, beep, ding dong sound, and even Christmas songs.

If you are bored with the traditional doorbell sounds, you can choose some other sound from the long list of melodies that this bell offers.

They are all interesting with crisp, clear clarity.

You can set your preferred sound in five volumes. Technically it is four since one is for setting it to mute. The volume levels are 25 dB, 55 dB, 95 dB, and 115 dB. The first two volume levels are loud but mellow, but you may choose the last two levels of volume if you have a large home.

As this is a loud wireless doorbell, Seniors or those with hearing difficulties will be able to hear it too.

You can also change the volume for day and night.

The last two volume levels might be too high at night, though.

Wireless Range

Wireless range is of vital importance in any wireless device. What would be using a wireless doorbell if the receiver can’t receive a signal at a short distance? The whole doorbell would be useless.

However, this doorbell wins in this category with an operating range of over 2,000 feet.

You may expect it to reduce if you have got lots of concrete walls at home with metal bars. They might interfere with the signal and reduce its range but not significantly. The radio signals of this doorbell are strong and stable and will not be quickly interrupted. It will always alert you about arriving guests.


One of the reasons everyone is drawn to wireless doorbells, besides the multiple features they offer, is their ease of installation. This doorbell comes with everything necessary for installation. The receivers are plug-in types, while the transmitter can either be screwed onto the wall or attached to it with double-sided tape.

You’ll find a key in the package. Remove the insulation pad from the back of the transmitter. Use the key and find the two screws inside. You can drill the transmitter onto the wall with the help of these screws.

If you don’t want to damage the wall, you can use the sticky patch to stick the transmitter to the wall. The choice is yours!


As we said earlier, this doorbell comes with batteries already installed in the transmitter. They have a life of at least three years. The batteries are recyclable.

Since the receivers are plug-in types, they will also last longer if you don’t damage them!

The build and material used are of decent quality. The push-button is certified IP55, which is as waterproof as you need.

They can also function from -4 to 140 F, which means they will be ok in cold temperatures.

Memory Function

This doorbell also has the smart function of memorizing your last settings. In case of a power outage, things won’t revert to default.

It will remember the sound and volume you set last time. It makes things more comfortable and convenient for you.

Wireless Doorbell, X-Sense Waterproof Door Bell Kit over 2,000 Feet Wireless Range with 2 Receivers, 56 Melodies & 5 Volume Levels, Black

View On Amazon


This wireless doorbell is simple to install and use and offers multiple melodies in various volumes.

To help people with hearing impairment, it also has a noticeable LED indicator. It is a waterproof and very reliable product. It has a memory function and remembers your last settings to make things convenient for you. This doorbell is multi-purpose. It can be used at home, for seniors, in noisy classrooms, and even as a pager.

Its wireless range is simply impressive. This versatile doorbell is worth consideration!

Good luck!

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