Littlelf Smart Indoor Wireless Camera Review


Welcome to our review of the Littlelf Indoor Security Camera! It weighs just fourteen ounces and stands 6.3 inches tall with an overall width of 4.3 inches and a depth of 4.1 inches. It provides twenty-four-hour monitoring with both audio and video capabilities.

You can connect it through an Ethernet cable or WiFi if you want to position it away from your router. The camera is compatible with 2.4Ghz but not 5Ghz networks.

The Littlelf Smart Indoor Wireless Camera is so compact and lightweight you can easily find a space for it in your home.


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Littlelf has a sleek, hourglass design that makes it easy to pick up and hold. Its unobtrusive white casing should complement any interior décor.

The camera lens is positioned on the upper half, and with discreet audio speakers on either side, it has the appearance of a friendly robot.

Waterproof and Temperature Rating

The Littlelf camera is specifically designed for indoor use, so it does not have an IP rating to identify its waterproof. Its performance should remain consistent in the varying temperatures of heated or unheated rooms.

As with any electrical device, it is wise to position the camera away from a heat source or direct sunlight.

Camera Rating and Quality

The camera has an impressive wide-angle optical lens that takes images of 1920 x 1080 mega-pixels. It operates in full 1080p High Definition, so any video sequences recorded will have a sharp clarity and realistic color.

The versatile Littlelf camera can completely rotate through 360 degrees and there is an up and down tilt of 190 degrees. Combined with the camera’s wide-angle lens, you should be able to view an entire room.

For even more detail, the camera has a magnification of 8x and a digital zoom of 4x. To save time and customize your monitoring, you can pre-program up to six favorite viewing angles.

The Motion Detection feature is sensitive to any movements within its field of vision. When detecting any movement, it instantly sends a notification alert to your mobile, allowing you to remotely activate the Automatic Tracking feature if you haven’t already programmed it. The camera then follows the moving object around the room, allowing you to see exactly what is happening in your home.

The Night Mode can be operated remotely or manually and functions using infrared lighting with 11pcs and 50nm. It has a range of thirty-three feet and provides clear images in black and white.

Audio Rating and Quality

The camera uses Advanced Audio Coding to eliminate background noise.

The two-way audio system provides clear, direct communication, which you can access from literally any location.

Smartphone App Compatibility

The updated Littlelf Smart App is compatible with iPhones, IPads, and Android. Wherever you are, the App provides you with complete control over the camera’s functions.

An unlimited number of users can simultaneously view real-time images from the camera enabling you to create a surveillance network.

You can use a card up to 128GB to store your footage locally. There is also the option of a ninety-day free trial for Cloud storage which features full encryption coding to ensure your camera’s images remain private.

Warranty Details

From the date of purchase, you receive a warranty which provides free repairs for one year.

You can also return the camera free of postal charges or accept a replacement within thirty days.


From the Littlelf Smart Indoor Wireless Camera Review, you can see a versatile, multi-function security camera. Compact and easy to use, it provides you with extensive choices for monitoring the safety of your pets, babies, or family members.

In addition, you can check that your home is still secure from intruders.

Flexible, automated camera angles relay clear, accurate images in real-time. Even in Night Mode, video streaming is impressively clear. The audio facility allows you to communicate through the camera.

With additional access for other viewers, the Littlelf camera provides reassurance and peace of mind regardless of how far away you are from home.


In one sentence: We are a team of individuals who collectively hate drilling holes and running wires throughout our homes! To combat this hatred towards wires, we only deal with wireless items for your home. From wireless doorbells to wireless security systems, there are products out there that are easy to install, easy to set up, and above all, there are no wires! Well, there might be some wires, mostly for power!

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