ieGeek Outdoor Security Camera Review

Whether it’s at the office or in your yard, security is crucial to your existence. And this is why wireless outdoor surveillance cameras have become must-have gadgets, especially in residential and commercial premises. A great security camera can prove to be a worthwhile addition to your safety needs, offering 24/7 full protection without interruption.

Though there are potentially endless security cameras out there on the market, the ieGeek is one you should consider. Though relatively affordable, this amazing camera comes equipped with numerous features. Features that help take its performance to a whole new level.

If you are seeking to purchase an outdoor security camera, the ieGeek might just what you need.

ieGeek Outdoor Security Camera

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  • Built to last: The ieGeek boasts prime quality construction thanks to its aluminum alloy shell casing. It is typically designed to withstand inclement weather. The IP66 weatherproof material and design guarantee that the device is robust enough to withstand nearly all sorts of physical abuse that mother nature might bring its way.
  • Supreme versatility: You can effortlessly customize the ieGeek surveillance outdoor camera to offer protection to specific areas of your home to avoid any false alarm incidences. Homeowners can also set up schedulable movement detection, real-time motion alert, timing recording vial phone or email notification.
  • Enhanced two-way audio talk: The ieGeek security outdoor camera boasts real-time 2-way voice intercom functionality thanks to its built-in dB microphone and speaker. It also includes an anti-noise technology to ensure smoother and clearer sound.
  • Advanced HD 1080P Resolution: The ieGeek outdoor security camera delivers 1920 by 1080p high definition footage anywhere.
  • Payback and remote access: The ieGeek network camera supports the remote access function. Users can remotely monitor the view of their ieGeek camera and playback recordings. When your network is cut off, the ieGeek security camera will continue to watch over your property or home. The footage is saved to the micro SD card. Invest your hard-earned cash and make your life safer.


Though not always important, most homeowners would always want to install an outdoor security camera that boasts a great design. After all, outdoor security cameras are supposed to blend in.

The ieGeek outdoor security device has a unique cylindrical shape and comes equipped with a stand that lets you effortlessly pivot the camera.

The ieGeek is black, ensuring it will seamlessly blend with your home décor.

Waterproof and Temperature rating

You would always want to install a weatherproof surveillance camera to allow the camera to capture videos and images. Even in conditions that would normally prove difficult, this camera keeps on going!

The ieGeek outdoor security camera is IP66 rated, which implies that it is protected against inclement weather. The camera will offer full protection in all sorts of weather.

The ieGeek also has a temperature rating of 14 degrees F to 133 degrees F, which is -10 degrees C to 55 degrees C. This adds to its supreme ability to perform in extreme conditions.

Camera Rating and Quality

Camera quality is arguably the most important factor you would want to consider in an outdoor surveillance outdoor camera. The ieGeek delivers in this context, bringing onboard numerous features that take its overall performance to a whole new level.

After more than two hundred and fifty reviews, the ieGeek has a rating of 4.5 on Amazon. Praise indeed! So, what makes the ieGeek to be considered a high-performance outdoor security camera?

The ieGeek delivers high contrast images, thanks to its advanced HD 1080 resolution. This allows users to capture extremely clear details regardless of the weather. What’s more, the professional-grade clear wide-angle lens with distortion correction allows you to see every single detail of the captured image or video.

It is also imperative to note that the ieGeek boasts a 110-degrees wide-angle lens for increased views. It only means that users will be able to get wider and clearer images for improved clarity. The lens provides an ideal viewing range with quality vivid footage. With the universal spherical mount at its disposal, users can easily adjust the ieGeek outdoor surveillance camera to view footage in more orientations by adjusting the angle vertically or horizontally.

The ieGeek also comes equipped with a high dB built-in speaker and microphone for superior high-fidelity two-way audio. And the included anti-noise technology ensures smoother and clearer sound. What’s more, the camera uses arguably the best chip for clarity and stability of video and image, thanks to its mighty 3.6mm fixed lens.

For night vision, the ieGeek has 36 infrared LED beads that guarantee an excellent night viewing distance of up to 30m.

Audio Rating and quality

With an audio rating of 4.6, the ieGeek surely delivers where it matters most. The camera guarantees 2-way audio thanks to its built-in high dB speaker and microphone combo. It also incorporates anti-noise technology into its two-way voice intercom to enhance audio quality. You can talk effortlessly with visitors, ensuring your home is protected 24/7 regardless of whether you are available or not.

Smartphone app compatibility

The ieGeek is a smart device in its own right and supports remote accessibility function. Users can monitor the view of their security camera device’s recordings as well as playback remotely.

You can easily integrate it with your phone, tablet, and PC for hitch-free remote viewing.

With the 128 GB SD micro SD card at its disposal, your security camera will store multiple videos for uninterrupted future viewing.

Warranty Details

For the much-needed peace of mind, the ieGeek offers its customers a one-year warranty. This 12-month warranty offers peace of mind.

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Despite being a relatively affordable outdoor security camera, the ieGeek is a truly performance-oriented surveillance camera. Not only does it guarantee performance, but it is equally a highly durable and robust camera thanks to its aluminum alloy construction. It is also weatherproof, boasts a unique and amazing design, and supports remote accessibility.

If you are looking to invest in an affordable, reliable, and highly innovative camera to carter for your home security needs, then the ieGeek is the way to go!


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