Elepowstar Doorbell And Chimes Kit Review

A doorbell is pretty much a necessity for every household. This electronically operated gadget notifies you when there is a visitor at your doorstep.


In spacious homes where there is a large area to cover, ordinary wireless doorbells may not function properly. In such a scenario, you might have to hard-wire them to your home. The installation of a wired doorbell is more of a challenge when compared with a wireless doorbell!

The sound emitted by these doorbells is also annoyingly loud at times, especially when you want to enjoy the serenity of a quiet house after putting your baby to sleep. You would pay any price to keep the shrill voice of the doorbell from waking up the baby.

Elepowstar has resolved many of these problems by developing an intelligent device that can put your worries at ease.

It comes as a bundle of two transmitters with push buttons and three receivers, but other options are available.

Users can plug it into an electric socket in their homes. It is a smart, easy-to-use, and waterproof doorbell. Now you can position the doorbell at any place you want at your home. The good news is that no wiring is required for this product to work.

Here are some remarkable features of this doorbell…

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Wireless Doorbell, ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells & Chimes Kit with 1000ft Long Range, Waterproof Doorbell Chime with 5 Volume Levels, 58 Melodies Chimes and LED Flash (3 Receivers with 2 Buttons)

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Controllable Volume and Melody

The Elepowstar Doorbell and Chimes Kit have a volume control feature. The doorbell has a mute and four other volume control options, and users can choose from them.

Anyone can easily adjust the volume from 25dB to 110dB (it’s a loud doorbell!) according to their preference. The receiver also allows users to select a preferred melody from a list of 58 different ringing tones.

It is beneficial because one can dedicate a different melody to different doors at your house. Users can know which door to answer without rushing from one corner of the house to another. They only have to change the ringing tune to indicate which door has a visitor.

Easy to Install

The Elepowstar Doorbell and Chimes Kit are easy to install and effortless to use. It does not require wiring or drilling anywhere in your house.

You don’t have to feel stressed about damaging your homes while installing this doorbell.

Users can place the receiver anywhere inside their home and choose where to place the transmitter or transmitters.

You can also enjoy the simplicity of its installation with its plug-and-play feature. They only have to plug in the receiver at any electrical power socket, and the doorbell is ready to ring.

There is no need to set it up through Wi-Fi connectivity or anything complicated.

The push-button has got batteries inside it, and it only has to be wall-mounted with screws or stuck to the wall using adhesives present at its back.

This way, you can easily place it wherever you want.


  • The doorbell is waterproof and IP55 standard certified. Users can fearlessly place it in the outdoors. It remains operable at a vast range of temperatures, -4⁰F to 140⁰F.
  • It provides a wide wireless coverage range of 1000ft.
  • A vibrant blue LED indicator on the doorbell helps to see the bell ringing even if users have headphones.
  • It has a plug-and-play design, which is easy to use and install anywhere in a home.
  • The transmitter is easy to install as well. Users can wall-mount it with a screw or use an adhesive patch to stick it to a surface.
  • A wide range of 58 different tunes is available, from which users can select one as per their choice.
  • There are five adjustable volume levels on this doorbell. It has a mute option to completely turn off the sound and the other four different levels. It can output the sound of 25dB to 110dB.
  • It is usable in many places, hospitals, homes, offices, or warehouses.
  • The smart memory function remembers your previous selections, even after you plug it somewhere else in the house.
  • The transmitter comes with batteries that have an extended life. They work excellently even after three years of use.

This doorbell is very lightweight and has a compact design.

The Elepowstar Doorbell and Chimes Kit have excellent customer service, which provides its customers with lifelong technical support after-sales.

Wireless Doorbell, ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells & Chimes Kit with 1000ft Long Range, Waterproof Doorbell Chime with 5 Volume Levels, 58 Melodies Chimes and LED Flash (3 Receivers with 2 Buttons)

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This product is useful for any household. The sleek black and modern design of this doorbell make it unique.

The transmitter uses very little power and has long battery life. The volume control and melody changing feature of the receiver makes you capable of controlling the doorbell.

This wireless doorbell has a powerful range of about 1000 ft, which is highly useful in spacious places. You can use it at homes, workplaces, hospitals, and even warehouses. The LED light on the receiver makes it a wise choice for the deaf or individuals with hearing problems.

It is reasonably priced, and you will find it well worth the small investment.

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