Crosspoint Wireless Doorbell Review

Welcome to the Crosspoint Wireless Doorbell Review! Here you will find everything that you need to know about the Crosspoint, including the best uses for this wireless doorbell. You will also find out about the Crosspoint has multiple add-ons, including a battery-powered and even a vibrating receiver.


As part of our wireless doorbell reviews, we decided to look at the Crosspoint to see what it offers.

You may notice some stark similarities between the Crosspoint and the SadoTech Wireless Doorbell kits. That is because the same people manufacture them!

Crosspoint Wireless Doorbell – Details

Crosspoint Wireless Doorbell Review

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What You Get In The Kit

  • 1 x Push Buttons
  • 2 x Receiver
  • Screws & Anchors
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Screwdriver


The working distance of the Crosspoint doorbell is 500ft/150m in open areas, but you can get more than that if you are using it in a house without many items to interfere with the signal. In the open air, the Crosspoint can reach 1000 ft.

Several things can interfere with the signal from the wireless doorbell push button, including walls, doors, anything metal, and anything that also uses a wireless signal.

It is not the longest range we have seen, with other wireless doorbells capable of reaching over 1300 feet. Although when you consider the size of the average home, we say that 500 ft is more than enough!

You can attach over 20 extra items to the Crosspoint kit, so if you need a wireless doorbell with more than 1 receiver, it is worth considering this as an option.

The frequency of the Crosspoint is 433MHZ.

Melodies and Volume


Let’s begin with the ringtones. There are 50 different melodies to choose from, which is more than enough for you to choose one that you love!

If you would like to choose a different ring tone for different push buttons, that is not a problem.


The volume range is 25dB-110dB which is a good volume for a large house. As there are two receivers with this kit, you can space them out to ensure you hear any visitors. If you need more, then extra receivers are available!

110dB is an excellent volume for a wireless doorbell. However, if you are hard of hearing, there are louder wireless doorbells you will want to consider. Having said that, the Crosspoint wireless doorbell kit has a vibrating receiver as an extra add-on, so if you are hearing impaired, then you will know when you have a visitor.

Weatherproof Rating

There are two things you need to consider when thinking about a weatherproof wireless doorbell.

Waterproof Rating

In terms of being waterproof, the Crosspoint wireless doorbell is rated IP68, one of the highest ratings.

You can be sure that this wireless doorbell will work even in the heaviest rainstorms!

Working Temperature Range

The working temperature range for the Bodyguard wireless doorbell is 5°F to 140°F (-15°C – 60°C).

If you live in a cold climate, then there are better wireless doorbell options for you. Having said that, the Crosspoint is rated to work in most climates around the globe.


Wireless doorbell installation is very, very easy! The Crosspoint doorbell is no different. Pairing is easy:

  • Plugin the receiver and select your desired melody sing the forward and backward buttons.
  • When you have selected your desired melody, place the receiver into learning mode by pressing the volume button for 5 seconds. You will hear a pairing alert tone to confirm the receiver is ready.
  • To finalize the pairing process, press the button on the transmitter (push button) within 5 seconds.

To unpair the units, press the music control forward button for 5 seconds. When you hear the ‘chirp,’ the device has entered pairing mode. The receiver has now been cleared of any settings.

The wireless doorbell kit comes with screws and adhesive strips to secure the push button to your front door.

In terms of how you attach it to your door, it is completely up to you. There are drawbacks to using either the adhesive or the screws.


Using the adhesive strips allows you to secure the push button without causing damage to the frame of your door. If you are not happy with having screw holes in your door frame, we suggest using adhesive strips.

The only drawback is the strength of the bond. If your front door is exposed to the elements (if you do not have a porch), then the rainwater may weaken the bond over time.


You may choose to screw the push button onto your door, which is the decision we always go for. You will always need a doorbell, so although they are screw holes in the door, you will always use them to host the push button.

In fact, we use the screws to secure the push button, but we also use the adhesive to add some extra protection. Over time, the push button could cause a little damage to the doorframe, so the adhesive offers protection.


There is a 12-month warranty with the Crosspoint wireless doorbell, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the purchase.

If you return the doorbell within 30 days, you must not have used it. Any used doorbells that are returned under the money-back guarantee will be rejected.


Our review of the Crosspoint wireless doorbell concluded that it is a well-built, dependable wireless doorbell with awesome potential for various scenarios.

Let’s take a look at those in a little more detail:

The only drawback is the working temperature range!

Check out our favorite wireless doorbell options.

Have you got a Crosspoint wireless doorbell kit? Do you have any issues with it? If so, please get in touch because we would love to hear from you.

Crosspoint Wireless Doorbell
  • 90%
    Melodies - 90%
  • 90%
    Warranty - 90%
  • 98%
    Waterproof - 98%
  • 87%
    Volume - 87%
  • 88%
    Range - 88%


The Crosspoint wireless doorbell is an exceptional option for many different scenarios! Not only can you expand this kit with up to 30 items (including door sensors, motion sensors, push buttons, receivers, and more), but it has one of the highest waterproof ratings we have seen. The Crosspoint has to be considered if you are looking for a new wireless doorbell!


In one sentence: We are a team of individuals who collectively hate drilling holes and running wires throughout our homes! To combat this hatred towards wires, we only deal with wireless items for your home. From wireless doorbells to wireless security systems, there are products out there that are easy to install, easy to set up, and above all, there are no wires! Well, there might be some wires, mostly for power!

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