Bo Ying Wireless Doorbell Review

Today’s times demand portability and wireless mechanism in everything, and doorbells are no exception.

No one likes the hassle of wired bells that require drilling and wiring up. It is so much easier installing a wireless doorbell!

The convenience of using wireless doorbells is unmatched.

However, picking the right one can be difficult as there are so many options, and naturally, confusions arise. Enter BO YING’s Waterproof Doorbell and Chime Kit!

In this review, we will tell you about this product, and you will understand why it is a favorite of many.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Wireless Doorbell, BO YING Waterproof Door Bell, Chime Kit with Sound and LED Flash, Operating at 1000ft Range with 38 Melodies to Choose, 4 Level Volume, 1Push Button& 2Receivers (Gray)

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BO YING Waterproof Doorbell and Chime-At a Glance

BO YING Doorbell and Chime are unique. It is an economical, wireless doorbell option featuring a single button and dual plug-in chimes, rendering it an excellent choice for two-story houses.

Whenever someone rings the bell, you will hear it regardless of where you are because of its loud and clear sound quality.

It is a great dual receiver wireless doorbell incorporating all the prime features in a cost-effective package. Moreover, it is a compact and elegant product and will not be an eyesore, no matter where you put it. The best part is that it is quick and easy to install, and in case of issues, you get a five-year warranty and excellent customer service.

What Does the Kit Offer?

BO YING offers this kit with three items

One Push Button with One Receiver

It is ideal for classrooms, offices, home apartments, hotels, and hospitals – where you don’t want to miss any visit. It can be a perfect solution as a pager or alert device for the elderly requiring care.

Two Push Buttons with One Receiver

When you pair the two buttons and the chime to fix distinct tones, you will distinguish between the front or back door visitation.

One Push Button with Dual Receivers

An ideal usage scenario for this can be to place one receiver on the first floor and the other on the second floor or the basement.


  • The wireless range has maxed 1000ft in the open.
  • The internal sounds have thirty-eight chimes.
  • There are four volume adjustability levels (25dB to 85dB).
  • The receiver has a power of AC 110V- 220V (50Hz / 60Hz).
  • The transmitter power is a 1 x 12V 23A battery.
  • The product is in grey.


  • Quick assembly
  • Premium quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Loud and clear long-range sound


  • The doorbell does not signal through metal
  • The buttons are elongated and require proper pressing for the bell to ring


Let’s dive deeper into what this product entails and tell you all about its multiple features that make it a worthwhile purchase.

Waterproof Design

Doorbells need to be weatherproof and durable because they are for outdoor utilization and substandard doorbells always flop with a bit of rain. It results in needing fixings or sometimes buying a new bell. With BO YING’s wireless doorbell, this issue goes out the window.

It comes fully weatherproof, so no dust or water will hinder its performance, and you will have no cause for concern.

With an IP44 waterproof rating, it operates between – 22 °F to 158 °F and can withstand several difficult weather situations. The product is also CE, RoHS and FCC certified, so there is no denying its quality.

Amazing Operating Range

A common issue with traditional doorbells is that you can often not hear the bell ring because you are occupied somewhere or the range is limited.

BO YING wireless doorbell is excellent because it has a 300m long operating range (1000ft). It also gives the flexibility of putting the receivers in different locations around your house so that you may not miss a ring.

The traditional wired doorbell may sometimes be hard to hear, and bigger spaces can benefit from this characteristic as wireless doorbells always strive to increase the range.

Chimes for All

A rather fun process of working with doorbells is testing all the chimes. You no longer have to be stuck with one dull and horrible sound whenever someone presses the doorbell. In this product, you get thirty-eight different chimes and can opt for whichever feels right. Everyone prefers a sound that will not startle or annoy them because nobody wants their bell to become a nuisance.

Its stereo speaker transmits crisp and rich sound, and choosing and setting your favorite tone is easy. It also features light indicators to help hard-of-hearing folks notice when someone rings the bell.

Quick Set-Up

Nothing beats a product offering exceptional features, a reasonable price, and, most importantly, easy installation. It is precisely what BO YING wireless doorbell offers. Once you install it, getting things started is super quick.

Plug its mini receiver in a socket and mount the transmitter on a wall. The added accessories in the kit are here to make the process smoother. The kit also comes with screws, a screwdriver, and dual-side adhesive tape to help get things going more smoothly for you.

You do not need to buy anything separately as you get it all. The unit will never interfere with your other equipment in the home, and you will never miss any visitors.

What’s the Verdict?

With everything explained, what is the verdict? Should you spend your money on this product? The answer is yes. It is an excellent product by BO YING, aiming to make things easier for you.

So, look no further if you want to upgrade the boring wired doorbell to a quick installation, portable, and quality option.

Although some users say the volume is too loud, it can be a good purchase as it delivers what it promises.

Wireless Doorbell, BO YING Waterproof Door Bell, Chime Kit with Sound and LED Flash, Operating at 1000ft Range with 38 Melodies to Choose, 4 Level Volume, 1Push Button& 2Receivers (Gray)

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Wireless doorbells are fast becoming everyone’s preference because their probability and elegant designs make them stand out, and their ease of installation is convenient.

If you are still stuck with old doorbells, maybe it is time to amp things up and make your life easier.

Advancements in technology aim to simplify our lives, so why not utilize them?

Check out our favorite wireless doorbell options.

Good luck!


In one sentence: We are a team of individuals who collectively hate drilling holes and running wires throughout our homes! To combat this hatred towards wires, we only deal with wireless items for your home. From wireless doorbells to wireless security systems, there are products out there that are easy to install, easy to set up, and above all, there are no wires! Well, there might be some wires, mostly for power!

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