ANNKE 1080P Indoor Security Camera Review

ANNKE 1080P Indoor Security Camera Review: Ensure your safety and security remotely, and have fun whilst doing so!

What is so good about the ANNKE indoor security camera? Is it the design, is it the pan and tilt, or is it the fact that it is an indoor security camera that integrates with Alexa?

Let’s take a look at the camera in more detail…

ANNKE 1080P Indoor Security Camera Review

ANNKE 1080P IP Camera, Smart Wireless Pan/Tilt Home Security Camera, APP Alarm Push, Two-Way Audio, Support 64GB TF Card, Cloud Storage Available, Work with Alexa

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This ANNKE indoor camera is basically an IP camera that you can remotely access via WiFi. What about the rest of the features, though? Here is a snapshot:

  • 1080p Camera
  • 2-way talk
  • Integrates with Alexa
  • Pan/Tilt to cover a greater area
  • Local and cloud storage
  • Ultra-fast notifications for movement
  • 30-day free trial for cloud storage
  • 2-year warranty for peace of mice

If we are talking features that impress me, the two highlights include; Alexa integration and Pan/Tilt.

Oh, and the 2-year warranty is not offered very often for cameras within this price range. By offering 2 years, ANNKE is basically telling you how confident they are that this device is built to last. More details on the warranty and other features below.


The design of this product is sleek, compact, and durable. It can be unobtrusively placed if you aim to surprise intruders or to monitor someone vulnerable without creating an unwanted distraction.

The Annke has a large base, which offers much more stability than many other indoor security cameras.

The camera looks a bit like a little head sticking out of the top of the camera.

I mentioned the 2-year warranty above, and it is time to mention it again. Why? ANNKE is offering such a long warranty because they are confident in the camera’s build quality. It physically feels robust enough to justify such a long warranty to me!

Waterproof and Temperature Rating

Your camera is not waterproof as it has not been designed for use outdoors.

If there is a risk that the camera will be exposed to water, do not use it. It may damage the device, and could potentially cause a fire. Just don’t do it!

If you are looking for a waterproof security camera, your best bet is to look for an external camera instead of an internal camera. These devices are built to be outside and to withstand rain and a harsher temperature range.

Camera Rating and Quality

This camera is as close as it can be to having an all-encompassing vision.

It also features high-quality images and motion detection – so you can be aware of exactly what is going on. The camera can pan around 350 degrees and has a 100-degree tilt axis, meaning only the most minuscule amount of space will not be covered by its lens.

What about the quality of the camera? Well, it does record in 1080p, which means you will get awesome footage of anything you need to. With the push notifications, you will get the footage in double time too!

The ANNKE has night vision too, which boasts excellent vision for up to 20 feet.

Time for a quick call-out regarding one of the little-known features of this ANNKE indoor security camera. Where most cameras do not flex when it comes to quality, the ANNKE gives YOU the option. You have the ability to select the option of low-bit-rate recording. This will let you store much more information but at a lower bitrate. Why is that important? Well, sometimes, you need to have ‘good enough’ quality for your footage, and you don’t want to run out of storage!

Audio Rating and Quality

This indoor Wifi Surveillance camera features two-way audio, so you can communicate with whoever is subject to monitoring!

The design incorporates a microphone and speaker so that all sounds transmitted are readily audible and can be easily magnified.

Whatever your intentions for your camera, you can notify intruders that they are being watched, even if they are not present. You can attend to the needs of anyone elderly or very young by instantly being aware if your baby cries or your parent or grandparent requires assistance.

These are just a few examples of how and where the camera’s communication capacities might come in handy.

Mobile App

By installing Annke’s mobile app, your product will automatically sync with your Alexa and your WiFi. These design features are remarkable, versatile, and in extreme circumstances, they can allow you to prevent situations before they arise.

Because the camera features motion detection, your phone app will also be able to give you push notifications, alerting you to activity very quickly.

What about storage? How is the footage stored?

For a start, the ANNKE supports a memory card of up to 64GB. Basically, that is more than enough! If 64GB is not enough, you will be happy to learn of the 30 days free trial of the cloud storage solution.

Personally, I prefer to host footage in the cloud whilst using an internal memory card as a backup.


To backup this awesome indoor security camera, the ANNKE comes with the following:

  • 24-hour, easily accessible support helpline. Friendly support teams are ready to take your call!
  • 2-year warranty. How is that for confidence?
  • 60-day ‘no argument’ money-back guarantee.

Check the official ANNKE website for details about an extended warranty too!


Very cheap, feature-packed, and great looking. The ANNKE 1080p indoor security camera will not let you down. In this review, the camera nailed it.

So many cameras in this price range are a little ‘flakey.’ They come full of promise but rarely deliver. The ANNKE is not one of these devices.

With all of its special features, the Anneke 1080P security camera is a useful installation to anyone’s home.

Personally, Alexa integration is the biggest and best feature this camera has. Imagine asking Alexa to view the camera… totally hands-free operation. This is remarkable stuff.

If you have had an ANNKE indoor security camera and have some feedback for us, please comment below or use the contact us page. We love to hear feedback.

Good luck!


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